Exciting event: Nigel Farage

3 thoughts on “Exciting event: Nigel Farage

  1. So you’re going to have a guy who told huge lies about Brexit. London will stop being the banking center of Europe. Britain could lose both Scotland and Northern Ireland. Brexit will likely harm the UK’s economy and reduce its real per capita income in the long term, and the referendum itself will damaged the economy. British economic growth would be stunted by 2–8% over the 15 years following Brexit. Brexit poses challenges to British academia and research, as the UK is likely to lose research funding from EU sources; see a reduction in students from the EU; find it harder to hire researchers from the EU; and British students will find it harder to study abroad in the EU. There are other consequences of leaving the EU which Nigel Farage has not revealed. Yeah sure he “made” a difference that Great Britain will further go downhill economically. I guess he needs to shill now since he has no power in Britain.


    1. Thanks you for proving REAL people despise freedom. The British wanted freedom from Europe telling them what to do. The EUI is corrupt and the people voted to leave them. Biden voter I presume. How’s the open borders working for you? Wait until you see hyperinflation!

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