Normal’s Gladys Kravits

By: Diane Benjamin

Anyone who ever watched Bewitched will remember Gladys. She was Samantha and Darrin’s noisy neighbor who thought it was her duty to report the odd happenings she witnessed peering out her window.

Normal has Kathleen Lorenz. Unlike Gladys who couldn’t convince her husband witches lived next door, Kathleen has no problem convincing all but Stan Nord the Council’s job is to rubber-stamp the professional staff. Numerous times at last night’s meeting Kathleen was appalled that Stan had an opinion.

It was just fine with the Council the Uptown TIF is “padded” with revenue. Normal taxpayers are forced to pay property taxes on 104 North, the property where Dan Brady and Rodney Davis’ district offices are. Since rent is only $1 a year and taxes are $8127.44, taxpayers are taking a loss. Meanwhile, this year $5,699.68 of that amount will be going to the Uptown TIF.

See 20:15. Pam Reece claims the Town doesn’t determine if properties are taxable or not. She neglects to mention the Town files forms with the authorities that do make that decision based on what is filed. The property at 102 North was deemed not taxable even though it is rented, 104 North was deemed taxable because it is rented. (Makes perfect sense)

The red ball is the truth, acting mayor Kevin McCarthy wouldn’t let Stan talk about it. Chris Koos was tending to family matters according to McCarthy. Eventually McCarthy ruled Nord out of order and Stan appealed that decision to attorney Brian Day. The Council vote to sustain McCarthy ended up 3-3. Day had to look up what to do next in Robert’s Rules of Order. Since Stan didn’t have the majority he lost.

Gladys chimes in at 28:15. See 34:30, Stan wants to know why taxpayers are paying property taxes other than “they always have”. Of course Stan was the only NO vote on approving the $1 a year lease. Fleecing citizens has a long history that can’t be changed.

Gladys lectured the Council (Stan) at 55:28. They are supposed to be the “Board of Directors” that don’t question the “professional staff”. Nord’s family has experience with refuse hauling but he isn’t allowed to discuss his experience before Council voted to spend $86,140 for a vehicle they “think” will save time and money emptying trash containers in parks. Companies pick Boards of Directors because of their acumen to help direct the company. Normal doesn’t want acumen, just yes votes.

Gladys again 1:25:45. Rivian wants a new entrance off College to connect their property on the north side to the main plant. Stan wondered if Rivian was kicking in any money for the cut-out. College isn’t scheduled for actual work until 2023. Kathleen is appalled anyone would want Rivian to pay part of the cost. Although Rivian is a huge asset to Normal right now do taxpayers need to bend over for them Kathleen? How did that work out with State Farm?

Gladys again 1:48:20. The discussion pertains to annexing the farmland Rivian bought west of the plant. Stan simply asked if approving the annexation committed the Town to anything like running water or sewer. Kathleen claims Rivian many not use the land for 5-10 years. Pam Reece claims Rivian doesn’t have a plan yet. That makes no sense since not rezoning and annexing the property would save Rivian a lot of money on property taxes until they are ready to build. Kathleen wanted to reiterate Rivian is a great company that wants to grow here, therefore don’t question it.

Watch the little red ball.

1:48:55. Gladys claims the Council is pro-business. What about the businesses the Council tortured with fines for just trying to stay open Kathy? What about the empty space on the circle the Town wants to control instead of pro-business free markets? Does pro-business only apply to gifting Rivian? Keep listening, Gladys wants growing the economy celebrated and claims nothing nefarious is happening. (Hint Kathy: We’ve seen nefarious before and now expect it)

1:51:15. McCarthy claims Rivian doesn’t have a plan yet because they didn’t know if the land would be annexed. There is a difference between being annexed and having an annexation agreement. Again, watch the red ball.

1:52:45. Chemberly Cummings plays Gladys’ younger sister with a speech of her own. Celebrate development, justify the costs later. Following her was Karyn Smith and Scott Preston.

Great things are happening for Normal. A subdivision plan was approved, new housing is badly needed. Since the price of wood has skyrocketed the housing will be expensive. Chips are in very short supply, I’ve talked to auto dealers that can’t get new vehicles because manufacturers can’t get chips. I don’t know if Rivian will be affected by the shortage. The Council wants to celebrate economic development, Stan Nord just wants taxpayers protected. The public wouldn’t be looking for nefarious Kathy is they hadn’t seen so many examples of it in the past.

17 thoughts on “Normal’s Gladys Kravits

  1. I hope Normalitees will witness for themselves that when someone tries to put the interests of the residents/taxpayers first, the daggers come out. Continuing the Uptown agenda and satisfying the wants of select town staff are the most aggressively defended items by the many of those elected.

    I and beginning to wonder if the majority of residents really do not want a voice or representation in government.

    Stan Nord – Minority perspective on the Normal Town Council

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    1. As sad as it is, Stan, a majority of people only stay “tuned in” to government when there is something on the table that significantly impacts their every day life. You would think the condition of our infrastructure and property tax alone are reasons to pay attention, but the reality is, people just pay, continue to drive on bad roads, etc, because “that’s the way it is.” Know this….the questions you’re asking and the points you’re making are appreciated by the people who care enough to pay attention. Don’t back down. If it requires them to continue to make “Point of Orders” to silence you, make them continue to do that. Let it be on record that your loyalty is NOT to the professional staff within the Town of Normal, but rather to the citizens of Normal. If something doesn’t feel/sound right, continue to ask questions, seek clarity, and require that all the facts are all on the table. Keep doing what you’re doing, Stan. While it may not seem like it at times, you’re making a difference.

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  2. Could just be that Normalitees are just plain “wore down” by all the brash stupidity and wastefulness that is exhibited by all on the council but one.


  3. town staff could give darn about small businesses just look at all the barricades taking up parking in wonderful downtown Normal, as I was told by a staff person ” the council does not have to approve installing picnic tables” I bet certain staff members like eating their lunch at a picnic table in the street. Where did people eat for the last hundred years when dining in wonderful downtown Normal?

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    1. The “eating outside” or “outdoor dining” as they call it is another way of putting on a show of the C-19 nonsense, virtue signaling if you will, they like to be seen “eating outside” because that is SO MUCH “safer” (gag) than the previously normal “inside dining”. I hate to punish/further punish small businesses but if they are right in with the evil swamp rats who have pushed this crap then I say let them fold as well. I do my best now to support ONLY those businesses who have done the bare minimum to escape punishment and those who have put up at least some fight/resistance to it all.
      Thing is, people have actually had the power through all of this, but they have made it a true risk for anyone to put themselves on the line and especially to do it alone or nearly alone, they pick off the lone wolves. I have not set foot in Normal for at least 7-8 years except to go to the train station/bus station a few times, and have not spent a dollar down there either, if I can do it, so could everyone else who opposes what is being done and what was done up there.
      And in rely to Townie – yes people are worn down and at a loss as to what can REALLY be done and done quickly to rid themselves of these idiots, it’s a pity riding people out of town on a rail and tarring and feathering have gone out of fashion…

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  4. I wish the FBI would raid the Town of Normal Offices and Look under the Reece’s mattresses. McCarthy is just gross. As far as Gladys, I can’t even listen to her holier than all BS. It’s good to know Smith has joined the asshole wagon too. I just can’t believe normalities voted for these bullies. Yes Ms. Smith and Ms. are bullies.

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  5. They are indeed bullies. I have no doubt they plan these attacks ahead of time. They’re too stupid to think of this garbage on the spot. Bottom line– they hate the taxpayers yet have no problem taking tax dollars and wasting them. kathy lorenz is a jerk along with chumperley, smith, mccarthy and seat warmer/potted plant scott preston. Despicable disgusting jerks.

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  6. Rivian is now a huge voting block for the potted plants. This along with “professional” staff, the Uptown corporate welfare receipts, Chamber and EDC sheeple, and the U. This new voting block, by way of your tax dollars, is helping to offset the growing number of everyday working guys and gals in Normal that are voting/supporting outsiders. The elitists have molded reliable voting blocks by promising/giving them something while telling them it will go away if you elect or support their opponents.

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    1. Look at the make-up of both councils or any local government body here for that matter. With only a handful of exceptions the go-alongers and ones who defend the taxers are the transients that were never born and raised here. The Nord’s have been contributing members to the community and independent business people that were born and raised here. Ask yourselves what Lorenz, McCarthy, Cummings, Carrillo and all the pro-government types have in common…no real historical or blood connection with area.I get Koos is local but he comes from a family that was always fighting for the other side.

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  7. Now that I think about it, She-Devil or Cruella Deville might be more fitting monikers for kathy. I remember watching Bewitched. Gladys sure was a busy body, but she wasn’t evil. This behavior is deliberate harassment in an effort to shut Stan up. And, their behavior reflects exactly the way they feel about tax paying citizens–they hate us.

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  8. I bet Pam’s social media tracking app tracks your site. If so, I’d like it to report that my opinion is Normal does not care about the taxpayers.

    Now that I think about, they probably filter out and any negative social media post. They only want to hear about the people who praise them.

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  9. What was it Maxine Waters called for a couple of years ago? Oh, right:
    “Let’s make sure we show up wherever we have to show up.” “If you see anybody from that cabinet in a restaurant, in a department store, at a gasoline station, you get out and you create a crowd, and you push back on them, and you tell them they’re not welcome anymore, anywhere.”
    Can’t hide behind a Zoom camera forever, can we?


  10. Paying these property taxes has been brought up multiple times and the Council does not demand this waste end. I call BS on any claim the council or town is fiscally responsible. It is grossly negligent to intentionally overspend when there is a duty of care. Their conscious actions result in the intentional financial harm of a group-taxpayers. They know no one will spend the money to take them to court to force them to fix this.

    I question the bigger picture. If they are intentionally overspending here, where else are they doing the same thing, and how much has this scheme cost taxpayers?


  11. Paying these property taxes has been brought up multiple times and the Council does not demand this waste end. I call BS on any claim the council or town is fiscally responsible. It is grossly negligent to intentionally overspend when there is a duty of care. Their conscious actions result in the intentional financial harm of a group-taxpayers. They know no one will spend the money to take them to court to force them to fix this.

    I question the bigger picture. If they are intentionally overspending here, where else are they doing the same thing, and how much has this scheme cost taxpayers?

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