Oops, Democrats plan for County Board would be illegal

By: Diane Benjamin

The McLean County Executive Committee held another meeting last night to discuss redistricting, or as they call it reapportionment.

After many public comments, Assistant States Attorney’s Christopher Spanos explained the Democrats 20 single member district plan is unconstitutional. McLean County has an ordinance declaring Board Districts are multi-representative, changing to 20 districts with only one representative would require a County-wide vote by citizens to change to single-representative districts. Time does not allow that to be done before the State deadline.

The Executive Committee next has to determine the number of districts, then draw the map.

You can hear the applicable comments from Spanos at 2:09:50.

4 thoughts on “Oops, Democrats plan for County Board would be illegal

  1. WHY do “they” always try to just change the rules/laws? They remind me more and more every day of little children who always want to arbitrarily change the rules of the game so they can win as soon as the game starts looking bad for them. I only listened from 2:09 on so didn’t muddle through the whole thing.

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  2. “Cheaters never win” was meant for the under class to keep them in line. Cheaters always win in how the demonrats stay in power. It’s all about the power.

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