Mboka: Silence your dog please

By: Diane Benjamin

His REAL dog! While the new mayor was reading a proclamation his dog tried to steal the show. 13 second clip:

As predicted the meeting was pretty boring, nothing was pulled from the Consent Agenda. Mboka laid out a new Public Comment policy at 9:30, he threatened to cut off comments that are threatening or disorderly. He also stated Council doesn’t respond to Public Comments.

Jenn Carrillo is now on a campaign to have people correctly pronounce her name. Her first attempt is at 14:55 when she corrects Mayor MBoka, I don’t hear a difference in the way he said Carrillo and her correction.

Jenn: How would you like to have a last name like MWILAMBWE.

Childish? Jenn was also tweeting during the meeting, more unbecoming behavior by an alderman. Scott was the only citizen to speak:

She couldn’t respond to Scott in person, so she tweeted instead.

Jamie Mathy was the obvious choice for Mayor Pro Tem. He was unanimously chosen.

The HUB was presented. It is located on the Washington Street side of the Government Building. It is billed as a One Stop Shop for all City business:

There will be a ribbon cutting next Monday, I don’t know the time since it isn’t on the City Calendar yet: The presentation starts around 19:00.

See 34:55. Jenn Carrillo is very proud of this accomplishment, but she wants staff to use “residents” instead of “citizens” when referring to the population. She also appreciates the City breaking things and setting them on their heads instead of just doing to same things. She claims they can come up with “something wonderful” using this energy. Do you support privatizing solid waste then Jenn? https://blnnews.com/2021/05/11/privatize-garbage-service/

Carrillo wants to present initiatives pertaining to income protection and a Welcoming Ordinance at future meetings. See 59:30.

Following Jenn, Aldermen Mollie Ward and Julie Imig want you to get vaccinated.

9 thoughts on “Mboka: Silence your dog please

  1. @ Garibaldi – I agree with you!! Less of their projects and more of the basic infrastructure projects!

    @ Diane – YES! I was thrilled to see all of the work on Hershey!


  2. Oh Jenn….when will you actually learn and act like an adult? Police Administration has more than once explained to you how ICE works but you continually fail to listen. Good grief!! Maybe Back the Blue Central Illinois can educate you? They have a following over 11,300 people. WOW…lot of people that endorse and support police right here in BLOOMINGTON and MCLEAN COUNTY! YOU should take note of that but we all know you won’t! I am sure that it is shocking that we are that big and that strong and the fact we WILL NO LONGER BE SILENT to the crap spewed by you. HOW do you think Shelia and Nick got elected???? As a long time reader of this page, you should know who backs the blue P.S….there is a state law in place. Look it up Jenn. Do I need to leave emojis at the end of this for comprehension for her? Asking for a friend.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. No joke, as I was scrolling down and saw the picture of the Hub, I thought it was a cafeteria line where you pick up the food and put it on your tray. Had to read the text over again. The City is trying to appear hip and modern by giving a government office a modern-looking makeover. Do we really think citizens (excuse me, Jenn, “residents”) need a one-stop-shop for government services? People will pay online first and if they must or prefer to come in-person, they want to be in and out as soon as possible. The City of Bloomington is not inviting to businesses and ordinary taxpayers. Putting up a fancy facade (good word here) won’t change that.


  4. The Hub is basically a filter/barrier between the public and the city staff. With the move to Govt Centre, elected officials and top managers will be all but inaccessible to the rabble-publik.
    (intentional by design) #zoomCouncil4ever


    1. Ah yes, sharp eye and good call, that’s precisely what “The Hub” will serve as – also, side note, Jenn appears to be wearing a Palestinian pattern keffiyeh/shemagh, but I’m SURE it means nothing, nothing at all….I have a couple of them too but they are NOT the Palestinian related colors or patterns I chose tactical/neutral patterns that were NOT Palestinian connected on purpose just as I am sure Jenn chose her pattern on purpose.


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