Video Carrillo and Crabill won’t watch which means you should

By: Diane Benjamin

A reader sent a link to this video, it fits perfectly with Monday’s Bloomington City Council agenda.

Both the Police and Fire Departments will present their annual reports. Of course this will set off the two “Defund the Police” council members.

They need to understand the facts, but then facts are immaterial to those who think police are the enemy. This is a must watch video to arm yourself with information to counter the far left and their ilk.

Seven minutes of truth:





10 thoughts on “Video Carrillo and Crabill won’t watch which means you should

  1. Too bad that we don’t hold “council people” to the same standards that we DO for POLICE! I’m thinking that Jeff AND Jenn would be out of a job.. NOBODY’S perfect, except “folks” who THINK they are, and THEY are the ones who we ALL need to watch out for, as they make it dangerous for the rest of us..

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  2. This is exactly why we should all back the blue. Those that show stupidity towards our police need to listen to this but will change their attitudes towards our men in blue? I think not, you can fix ignorance but not stupidity!

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  3. I just hope the council members ask them to define all their woke terms and provide real data not obscure assumptions. The council needs to support the values of ALL the citizens not just a few.

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  4. Didn’t this guy get bounced for making theses kind of comments? He was also caught cooking crime statistics to make him look good. Under his watch his police force illegal strip searches were conducted.


    1. Doesn’t Chicago have habitual black on black crime occur every weekend where black people have no problem killing one another over silly shit like territory, drugs and or the color of someone’s handkerchief? Did you see the look of the black female reporters in the clip? They knew exactly what the officer was talking about but it’s easier to blame the white bogeyman for the hoods problems than look in the mirror and admit who has the problems. Personal responsibility solves a lot of society’s problems.

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  5. Ignorance is if the only thing you take from these videos is that one person supposedly reported wrong shooting numbers so one can assume that all the numbers of killings in Chicago and major cities in areas of people of color must be wrong. Stupidity is not taking away from the first video how heart broke a police officer was that he had to respond to another drive by shooting where a 7 year old girl was shot and in the second video stopping those people that may have the guns that are used to shoot little kids is bad. How sad!

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  6. He retired before his scheduled job performance review. The rest Is true from cooking stats to illegal strip searches by police under his watch


    1. And the thug culture in most of the black community is still embraced by most black people in addition to blaming whitey for most of black people’s self-enduced problems.


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