D-Day 1984

In honor of the soldiers who freed the world 77 years ago and the many who gave their lives so we can be free:

6 thoughts on “D-Day 1984

  1. Liberty, faith, belief, loyalty, love, democracy, country, sacrifice, risk, prayer, unity, honor, freedom

    Are these things in our local and national leaders today? We are still fighting a war today and it is escalating, but it’s internal.

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      1. You beat me to it. D-Day got pushed off the list by getting participation awards being more important than being excellent, brave and winning. Something those who participated in D-day excelled in If the schools of today existed then we would all be speaking German because we only needed to get a participation award..

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  2. I understand that the British memorial is completed but the “brits’ can’t visit because of the covid BS. Which I think is BS! These guys FOUGHT in a WORLD WAR and cannot leave England to see their NEW monument, which from what I understand is just unbelievable! It WAS the largest AMPHIBIOUS assault in history with Britain, Canada and the U.S. taking part. Britain alone lost 44,422 fighting troops. Let alone Canada and the U.S.
    I DO NOT think you have to explain FREEDOM to ANY of these soldiers!!
    I THANK THEM ALL, and to ANY veteran of ANY conflict THANK YOU!!

    NEVER FORGET! My late father ALWAYS put the flag out on D-DAY!

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