Rivian: Trouble with names?

By: Diane Benjamin

I used to love my Firebird Trans-Am. It was not only beautiful it was fun to say that’s my Trans-Am.

Unfortunately I had to sell it to afford my last year of college.

Maybe geeks will be able to tell Rivian’s new names apart, I won’t have a clue:


(hey, it’s Friday!)

7 thoughts on “Rivian: Trouble with names?

  1. They probably figured, “why bother?” It’s not as though they’ll be in existence long enough to go through the trouble of coming up with catchy or memorable names.


  2. NOW, IF we could just put a picture with those vehicles… I’d think names like Sparky, Batterymobile, Low Mileage, and such would be MUCH catchier,,,


  3. The numbers simply refer to Rivian, whether the vehicle is a truck or SUV and the model number or edition. Nothing that would encourage further examination of the products by the normal vehicle purchaser but that is not their target customer. Everything about Rivian is “fad” and the potential size of a purchasers wallet. The trucks are purposely designed for “offroading” and fun and not for work or any common sense use and the the SUV’s the same. Their market is totally “upper crust”. More proof is their proposed service centers which are designed to look more like you are going to an upscale restaurant to have caviar and fine wine than to get your car fixed. The entire company and product is “image” and nothing more. No articles appearing in EV publications mention a thing about how repairs will be addressed, possible costs, battery replacement or upgrade, vehicle safety, length of repairs, or anything else a normal purchaser of a point A to point B vehicle would be interested in. Until it can proven otherwise the potential longevity of this company should be severely questioned by anyone who considers spending hard earned money on any of its products.

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  4. Am sure there are lots of “tracking” devices amd apps to always surveillance ya. OnStar is one thing amd conceptually ok. Most companies have taken it way too far. Chipping tires and cars and forcing users to install apps. Sharing data and profiting off it.

    Maybe I might want a flying car. But these. No


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