Planning Commission: Off limits for citizens

By: Diane Benjamin

Thursday the Planning Commission will hear from citizens about One Normal Plaza. This Commission is made up of unelected citizens that are appointed by Chris Koos.

See who is on the Board here:

Also note: NO email addresses or phone numbers are on this site for citizens to contact them! They supposedly work for you and are your voice on issues that affect your life, but you aren’t allowed to contact them without attending a meeting.

Town Planner Mercy Davidson’s name is on the requested zoning changes in One Normal Plaza. Since she has an email address, some comments have been sent to her to give to the Planning Commission, she has refused to forward them.

Remember when Kathleen Lorenz made a huge deal about keeping the Planning Commission business separate from the Council? She was upset Stan Nord got involved with the area citizens of ONP (at their request) and thought he violated the separation. Lorenz said nothing when Chemberly Cummings did last night. Sound like she needs to recuse herself if this issue comes to Council:

4 thoughts on “Planning Commission: Off limits for citizens

  1. This is all about Julie Hile and Bob Broad profiting from their purchase of Normandy Village. The staff write up even says under “New Goals” this taxpayer funded effort was written to meet the goals of “the new owners of Normandy Village”. (Page 4)

    It is corrupt that taxpayers are paying to force zoning changes for the elite friends of Mayor Koos to get richer at the taxpayer expense. If a business want to change the zoning so they can profit then they should pay to do it!

    I expect the Hile-Broads donated to Koos’ re-election campaign and this is their payback.

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  2. What people need to understand from all of this is that elections have consequences. When the majority of voters in Normal stay home on election day or in the case of Mayor Koos they fail to mail in a ballot, this is what you get. Koos is a political machine, along the lines of Madigan, Pritzker and the rest of the democrat apparatus that controls Illinois.

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