Need some help Mboka?

I hear he’s still taking applications!

By: Diane Benjamin

H/T an associate who did some research on the Ward 6 candidates.

Replacing Carrillo with a liked minded individual validates her vote buying with candy bars. Ward 6 didn’t know who they were voting for, she didn’t win with overwhelming support from the Ward.

Since Democrat Socialists are un-American, weed those out first mayor. You will have to ask each, they don’t publish a membership list. Your appointee must take their Oath of Office seriously, we see what happens when they don’t.

Readers, feel free to add information you can verify about any of the applicants. Please provide proof. Corrections are always welcome.

List of applicants:

JohAnna Chambers – 51 yrs old, cosmetologist, Facebook interests from Obama to Sheila Montney, progressive

Levi Champion – 42 yrs old, supported Mboka for mayor, leftist democrat

Luisa Gomez – 47 yrs old, Bachelor of Science-Sociology, Minor in Women & Gender Studies 2016-2018

Elizabeth Hawthorne – 65 yrs old, former social worker, retired? ordinance violations in 08/09-all dismissed

Misty Metroz – 48 yrs old, write-in for mayor, degree in International business/Spanish, Dist 87 bilingual assist

Jenee Clark Richards – 46 yrs old, not much information available

Gary Stevens – 67 yrs old, works for Cottage Help at Salem4Youth, 67 yrs old

Dianna ‘De’ Urban – 56 yrs old, owns Alley Kats Art and Antiques, involved West Bloomington Revitalization Project

Withdrew-David Wolfe – 52 yrs old, maybe State Farm agent (former?)

22 thoughts on “Need some help Mboka?

  1. Diane D Urban served on the Cannabis committee. I’m pretty sure she voted against. She is liberal, but I do not believe Socialist.

  2. Luisa Gomez~ endorsed by Sonny Garcia and Krystal Able.

    Jenee Clark~ also endorsed by Sonny and Krystal. Jenee is Jenee EC on Facebook. She is all over Krystal Able’s posts. Promises Mboka she will be just like Jenn Carrillo. Jenee often called in to public comment during Jenn’s service to support her, Indigenous Day, Welcoming Cities, and especially in the last year and most notably when Jenn was admonished by Mboka: she called to defend her and tell Mboka how upsetting it was that he would censure her at all.

  3. Mboka will have to decide if he wants;
    1.) another SJW who will distract from the core function of City Government.
    2.) someone who realizes an Alderman’s role is local and not to change the world.

  4. I would challenge Mboka to understand the balance of what this Republic could be. Rather than load one side, strive for balancing ideology and encouraging open minds for lively discussion towards smarter and better results.

  5. The more I think about it I just go back to Dianna De Urban. She has been involved. Was involved before Jenn ever came in the scene. I think her political values align with what Ward 6 believed they voted for in Jenn. She is vested in the community that Jenn was not. She is level headed and listens. I don’t agree with her politically, but I feel she is a good person who will look at what is best for her community.

  6. De Urban is on the board of WBRP. I learned some things about her recently. Here are some examples of what I learned. She has NO personal agenda. She is loyal to the voice of the people. She likes the expansion of the library, but won’t vote for it because the people told her they are not. She is a member of the Vineyard Church of Bloomington Normal. She has an unstoppable love for the West side of Bloomington and the miller park area. She cares about downtown (owns a business there) equally to every resident that lives in her ward, where she bought her first house. She is not a socialist, a liberal, a democrat or a republican or a communist, or a fasicst. She looked at me and said, I don’t need a label to do the right things, for the right reasons. I asked her if she felt she could do good for people. Her answer was: Most people can tend to themselves, as leaders, we are responsible to represent the majority of the voices, not tell people what to do… the people should tell us what to do. Got to admit, I really like her.

  7. I was at the council meeting and I do not think Mboka said none of the candidates were for him. He did say he was having trouble making a decision. I have worked with Ms Urban on West Side Neighbors, Miller Park Neighbors and she is the only candidate that has come to our meetings regularly, helped us get Park View’s license back after the fire, helped keep another liquor store out of Miller Park area and continues to be available in place of an alderman as needed for the last 3 years that I have worked with her.I support her nomination 110%

  8. Will he choose who will represent the residents of Ward 6 or appease the far left Socialist Democrats?

  9. Mboka needs to choose someone from the list. Otherwise it will look like he is trying to hand pick someone he wants. While I know De has some faults, she is still probably the best choice.

    1. nope. He is free to nominate any qualified resident of the ward. If the council does not consent to vote for that person he can put another name forward. If that person can’t get 5 votes … then ..

      Drumroll pls….

      He is able to choose whomever he wants, no council vote needed.

      This is exactly how Mboka was appointed , and it made for a lively council meeting that night !

      1. Just because he can do it doesn’t mean that he should or that it is even good politics. We don’t need the kind of shenanigans that got him appointed. We need someone who wants the job and will represent the district fairly. We need someone that they community can rally around. I believe De is that person.

  10. De Urban has the best understanding of how the City works and the needs of Ward 6. One year from now future candidates for the 2023 election will be collecting signatures to get on the ballot in Ward 2, 4, 6, & 8. De is the best choice to fill the current vacancy.

  11. Leaders Lead. The lengthy delays indicate the mayor is not a leader – which is the traits of mayor’s of both cob and ton.

  12. Porcupine yor wrong. yA tryin everything u can to get another Jenn appointed and it’s gonna fail.
    As for shenanigans – nah – that’s the law.
    you outta learn how this stuff works.
    Layin’ it on 2 thic for DeUrban just gonna get u Gary Stevens 👩🏻‍🎓

  13. The last thing you do when it comes to the woke socialists is appease them. If the Mayor wants to get on with the business of running the City and set aside the distractions and sideshow, he should rip the bandaid off and appoint a qualified person who will serve the Ward. Let the local socialists squawk for a bit. They’ll eventually take their ball and go home. If the Mayor acquiesces and appoints another Jenn, he’ll get the same issues times ten because they will be emboldened.

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