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Do you like Joe Biden?  You will love Karen Schmidt.   She is the Joe Biden of local politics. 

When Ms Carillo moved out of her Ward I ventured out on a limb and said to someone you all know,  “Schmidt will get that seat.”   Of course we had to be drug through the silly charade that lots of other people were officially vying for Ward 6.  La Schmidt could never stoop to the fray.

Then suddenly, out of nowhere. Voila!  La Schmidt will consent to consider taking the seat. ( out of charity for the little people of Ward 6 of course)  And Mayor Mouse (sorry. but the man WILL take the easy way out) is just thrilled to have her to rescue the Ward and City.

But I digress.  Back to Bloomington’s own Biden clone.  Know anyone who spent years and years in office spanning decades yet had not one notable accomplishment?  Ok I will give her one and its a biggie.  She voted No to the Coliseum!  Not by herself though.  There were 3 other so minded councilmen to back her up.

Fast forward 20 years.  Did La Schmidt ever take a vote all by herself or in the minority?  Did she ever even speak for the “little guy”.  Maybe, but not if she could help it.

There was virtually never a tax or fee increase she didn’t like and when it came to the big bombshell revenue spoilers like the multi million dollar over charging Rimco or the huge holes in the Coliseum budget did she speak up?   It never paid to cross Tom Hamilton or David Hales.  Schmidt loved them both.

No, she simply went along with the prevailing winds (as soon as she figured out the direction) and then Bloomington got Ms Cordiality.

Of course, Mayor Mouse won’t tell us he sat on the Council with Schmidt for lo those many years and they were such kindred spirits!

If you want to see the polished and oh so correct politician in Ward 6, one who simply preened and feathered their nest while always toting the party line, Schmidt is your perfect pol!  Only question left, will the Mouse take the bait?

Anybody think a person who lives in this house can represent all of Ward 6?


The Poisoned Pen

8 thoughts on “Letter to the Editor

  1. The Mayor will likely appoint Schmidt. He doesn’t want to manage a problem (i.e., democrat socialist), nor take a chance on an unknown, nor worry about spending time bringing someone outside of local politics up to speed. This is a slam-dunk for him. I’m no fan of Schmidt, just calling it how I see it.

  2. Another limousine liberal, feathering her $$$ nest on political favors hid behind the facade of “social equity” BS. Always the same scam with these people. Masters of spending other peoples’ money that magically gets filtered into their own bank accounts. She and Mathy will likely become besties (if they’re not already).

  3. Please do not mistake Mboka’s through consideration for for inability to make this decision.

    The fat lady hasn’t sung, yet .

    Let your alderman know you want them to vote NO to confirm Schmidt. ! Let Mboka know you don’t want him to even nominate the elitist Karen Schmidt !

    Ironically , Schmidt voted NO on Mboka when he was nominated ! Schmidt isn’t fit to shine Mboka’s shoes if you ask me. I know her and have worked with her for years !

  4. Not a fan of KAREN. Good: She did or would have voted no on the sanctuary city and if I remember correctly she voted no on the last gas tax or maybe it was water fee. I remember her making the remark that she had tenants who couldn’t make it and they couldn’t afford another .50.

    Bad:. Voted Yes to the brick roads and pretty signs while her husband was sitting in the Historic Preservation Committee with one of the Koos brothers. She will always vote to increase funding for downtown before she takes care of the sewer or water for the rest of her Ward, because she and Mathey are of the same ilk with the Downtown Elitist.

    I hope the Council reconsiders De Urban.

    Karen wants to care about the constituents in Ward 6 but won’t if it doesn’t benefit….similar to Joe Biden . The press release sounds good but it ends in Socialism and no middle working class. Maybe losing the last election has humbled her. Who knows? I wish some of the people who rallied to keep the liquor store out of their neighborhood would speak up at Council.

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