Brave lady

By: Diane Benjamin

I posted a video of Dusty Joe speaking at District 87 Public Comment last October. She was an employee at this time. The video proves Dusty cares about her kids, if you missed it watch it now:

Dusty spoke again at last weeks District 87 Board meeting. The video below is from the Cities 92.9 Facebook page.

I’m posting this video because Dusty quit her job at the end of her comments. It sure sounds like she has a lawsuit against the district. Dusty deserves a standing ovation for doing what she believes it the right thing, too many people never do.

Unfortunately, this good caring person will no longer be able to help special aid kids. Barry Reilly should be ashamed of how she was treated for just telling the truth. How many other great teachers won’t speak up because District 87 would persecute them?

I’ve never linked a story off Facebook, let me know if you can’t play it!

3 thoughts on “Brave lady

  1. Round of applause! I hope she is blessed beyond measure for her courage to do the right thing! Our public have become nothing but public toilets. There is more bad than good that comes out of them. . It is a sad day when we have adult bullies and low Natalie and unethical people running our schools and teaching our future generation. It time for the public school system that we pay out the ass for to be dissolved and rebuilt. The best thing we can all do is vote No on the new constitution amendment and find some new school board members who are true patriots!

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