The agony of Jelani Day’s family

By: Diane Benjamin

A lady I went to high school with experienced losing her son almost a year and half ago. He was found dead in the Ohio River. She still has no idea what happened to him. The police have no idea what happened to him. She has lived in agony since his body was found. Her faith in God is the only way she can get up every morning. Much like Jelani Day, he wasn’t found for 8 days.

Last night at the Bloomington City Council meeting one of Jelani Day’s brothers spoke at public comment, his mother also spoke. The pain this family continues to endure is unfathomable.

Hear Jelani’s brother at 2:40, his mother at 10:25.

I’m thankful Jelani’s mom wasn’t shut off after 3 minutes, she needed to speak.

The Bloomington Police have a really good record of solving crimes. I’m confident they are doing everything possible to find out what happened to Jelani. I hope they know more than they have told the public. I’m a fan of crime mystery shows, one common thread is the family calling the lead detective frequently to make sure their loved one isn’t forgotten. Unfortunately some of the crimes take years or decades to solve because all leads go nowhere. Some deaths aren’t solved until someone’s conscious forces them to tell someone what they know. I sincerely pray that doesn’t take long for Jelani’s family.

I am confident many people here grieve with the family. We need to know what happened. Jelani’s mother uses a name she calls the City Manager, it wasn’t Tim Gleason. She also thinks it was a hate crime. No evidence of that has been released by police that I’m aware of. We won’t know until it is solved.

If you are a praying person, add the Day family to your prayer list.

The video starts with Jelani’s brother:

5 thoughts on “The agony of Jelani Day’s family

  1. Having lost my little brother when he was only 21 I can relate to the pain that this family feels. What I don’t understand is why no one is speaking about the last activity that this young man was engaged in, buying drugs yes all legal and he was not breaking the law but history has proven that there are a lot of deaths surrounding drugs. I believe that these drugs somehow came into play into the death of this young man.


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