Schools are getting paid to mask your kids

By: Diane Benjamin

Schools are receiving millions of dollars in ESSER Funds from the American Rescue Plan. They will only received these dollars if your kids are tortured in school. There are no studies that show masks work. Studies do exist kids are damaged by being forced to wear one. Young kids have no idea what their teacher looks like. Others wear the same filthy mask every day. Others can’t concentrate because they are breathing in the trapped carbon dioxide they exhale.

This letter was posted by a group TN Liberty Network. (Tennessee) Read it below, it’s clear the money won’t be coming if kids aren’t masked. If masks work, why aren’t they working?

Parents are wasting their time at School Board meetings demanding parents should decide whether or not to mask their kids. Money is more important to the District than your kids.


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4 thoughts on “Schools are getting paid to mask your kids

  1. Look through the ESSER documents that show the federally approved expenditures, and you’ll find its OK to use the funds for pushing the equity movement also.

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  2. ESSER was to be used to help with recovery from the effects of COVID
    Top Priorities within Illinois plan:
    • Strengthening supports for current educators and expanding the teacher recruitment pipeline
    • Providing comprehensive students supports, particularly those related to social-emotional learning and mental health
    • Closing the digital divide

    Click to access Illinois-1-pager-FINAL-1.pdf


  3. As I stated a few weeks ago, this is all about money and zero about health. Now the same with employers. It should be obvious to everyone now that it is invariably (paid) greedy local minions who are the mercenary jackboot enforcers of tyranny, who hide behind “just following the orders” of their higher ups. Believing — as they KNOWLINGLY harm children or openly steal from taxpayers — that they are “protected.” When this all goes south in some awful way, as it is bound to, these fools just haven’t contemplated that it is THEIR faces people will equate with the harm done.


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