Who approved Bloomington’s move?

By: Diane Benjamin

Maybe a better question is how much have citizens been charged for Bloomington to move from the Old City Hall to the Government Center?

Council meetings used to be held on Olive Street. The City website doesn’t have that address anymore, it has been changed to Washington St. See the bottom of this page: https://www.cityblm.org/

Who is still housed on Olive Street?

The Council never voted on relocation. We know the city spent money redesigning a space in the Government Center off Washington – The Hub.

On Olive Street the Council had a voting system and board that displayed votes. In the same chambers where the County Board meets they have some system for aldermen to vote but no board displays the results. The clerk or mayor just announce the results.

Tonight the Council will vote on a new voting system for their new location:

That $101,233.28 is over 3 years. The relocation bills keep mounting! The old voting system couldn’t be moved?

The County Board meets at the same location. Evidently working together is too difficult. I’m hearing Bloomington adding personnel to the building is also making working together difficult. Some offices already had space shortages. Bloomington’s move made them worse.

See PDF page 157 http://bloomingtonil.iqm2.com/Citizens/FileOpen.aspx?Type=1&ID=1150&Inline=True


tonight is on the Consent Agenda. It could be a short meeting, it all depends on what is pulled – it anything. I predict the security camera will be. Keep in mind, if people actually governed themselves the cameras wouldn’t be needed. The meeting is being held on zoom. Covid is scary!







4 thoughts on “Who approved Bloomington’s move?

  1. I’ve been following these stories for some time now. How is this still happening? How has public officials become above the law. I’m really sorry for Bloomington/Normal residents. I met so many wonderful caring people there. They deserve better.

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  2. The move comes as a result of fear of violent riots , and they were seeking to limit access to elected officials and staff. The Portal is little more than a filter/shield/barrier between the not to be trusted tax paying public and those that work for the city.

    The ‘old’ City Hall was purpose built for transparency and open public engagement. The former Bank/Govt Center bunker is anything but . And that is EXACTLY the way they want it.

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