Fly on the Wall: Government Center theft

There is NO security at the Government Center in downtown Bloomington. Yesterday someone walked into an office, got into purses, and stole credit cards from a County office.

The City of Bloomington offices in this building have security cameras, the County has cameras that don’t work.

The building is wide open. Anyone could walk in, find a good hiding place and do whatever after hours. Is the County waiting for worse to happen before doing anything? What if an employee would have confronted the thief yesterday? It could have gotten really ugly!

Think the voting equipment is secure? Not without 24 security!

6 thoughts on “Fly on the Wall: Government Center theft

  1. Since all of Bloomington/Normal/McClean country government reads your blog, I suppose this means that we will be seeing a budget line item in the near future for security system upgrades.

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  2. Well I hope I get that no bid contract. I can sell the city $200 cameras for $5000 each and promise them the world as I am touting what a bargain they are getting for buying from my non-profit that is a for profit business.

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  3. County is thrifty to the point of being cheap. Just look at their meeting chambers ! Provides zero sense of a public institution representative of the dignity of the citizens it serves. Wasteful on the frivolous and stingy on the things of substance. Pile of StimBux ™️ just stuffed into the matress while the slo bro’s wallow in their own inertia. Lucky no one got hurt , this time 🙄


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