Slap in the face to the citizens of Bloomington

By: Diane Benjamin

More on last night’s meeting tomorrow, start with this.

Tim Gleason announced last night the Council will consider honorary street names for: (you have to hear it for yourself – 8 seconds)

First, Bloomington is completely incompetent at zoom. Tim Gleason is talking, see his face up there anywhere? Hold a meeting in the same room or cancel all meetings if you are too chicken to do it. Incompetence is not a good look for the City Tim! This wasn’t the only part of the meeting where the speaker couldn’t be seen!

In case you didn’t listen, Timmy wants to honor 3 people with street names. Two of them I’ve never heard of, but the first one was Judy Markowitz.

That took a lot of audacity when previously the Council was told the Judy Dome was going to cost the City $3.8 million to fix the heating system that should have lasted at least another 15 years.

Timmy, Judy built the Coliseum that has done nothing but rape and pillage the citizens who told her they didn’t want it. People remember the City had to fork over more than a $1 million more because the building wasn’t ADA compliant.

Remember when the parking garage had to be rebuilt because it was defective? At least citizens got reimbursed for that fail.

Who can forget the John Butler and Bart Rogers fraud cases? Didn’t Judy hire them?

How about all the fake reporting from the Butler years where audited losses were much higher than Butler reported and the media dutifully swallowed?

Markowitz stated the Coliseum would generate income of $7 million a year and it would never cost citizens a dime. It never has made $7 million and never will. I’m really impressed the CVB is paying rent of $2100 a month when taxpayers are forced to give them money first.

I let you skate on honoring Markowitz at the History Museum, not this time Tim. This is a slap in the face to the people who are continually fleeced because Judy wanted the Coliseum. She assaulted the citizens of Bloomington with this clown show, even in death the fleecing continues.

How much are you planning to spend on honorary street signs? Are they going to match the ones you did downtown? The fleeces never stop.

The Coliseum has never helped downtown. Did you know two CPA firms recently relocated to the east side? Who is left downtown? Did Timmy ask them why?

Ready to revolt Bloomington – this happens next Monday. I think you know who is who below:

10 thoughts on “Slap in the face to the citizens of Bloomington

  1. Where is Mollie Ward and her initiative for a commission on shootings? Did she miss the meeting because she is too busy trying to scrounge up people to believe in her plan? As far as Tim Gleason, I think we are going to have to get him out and a few others including the chief of police. I thought getting rid of our last mayor might help, but unfortunately, we are going backwards even more. Mayor Judy does not need to be recognized unless it is for the epic failure of the elephant that sits downtown.


  2. Mathy masking on Zoom -lol- priceless.
    Find the most frost heaved pothole filled street and honorarily name it Tari Renner Rd
    Rename County Club Pl. Black Lives Matter Blvd.
    Bloomington Council would make a great animated adult cartoon.

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      1. I’m absolutely sure that many have acquired mask dependency, it will likely take actual deprogramming or a 12 step type approach to get the silly face rags off of their terrified faces.

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  3. Downtown, I thought the old State Farm building was going to be the mecca mother of all apartment building attraction and across from it the court house roof top view condo’s? Really who buys those condo’s at those prices? Eastland Mall like the downtown = dead.
    Markowitz Circle Drive for the drop off access at the “Elephant Dome” seems more relevant and appropriate.


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