Bloomington Tonight: could be long

By: Diane Benjamin

Honoring Judy Markowitz didn’t make the agenda for tonight, did they get the message?

Lots of other things did make the agenda, it could be a long meeting:

  • Presentation by Heartland College President
  • Grant awards for John M Scott Healthcare Trust
  • 2023 Budget Update
  • Presentation of Bloomington Police 2022-2024 Strategic Plan
  • Agreement with the Flock Safety license plate reader cameras
  • Finance Director’s report

Two items on the Consent Agenda that won’t be discussed unless an alderman pulls them:

See how the cost of the O’Neil Park and Pool Project isn’t in the description? It’s $80,182.50.

Instead of just replacing the worn out pool that is only used for a few months of the year, Bloomington will be spending between $11.5 and $11.7 MILLION on a Water Park. Of course those numbers were before inflation went out of control. Luckily government knows where to get more money. This fleece will eventually rival the Coliseum.

One note about Flock Safety: Decatur had the same item on their agenda. It’s almost a door-to-door salesman is traveling Illinois. Reminds me of National Fitness Challenge in Normal.

A few choice payments:

I wonder what was audited? It isn’t audit season right now.

$55,000 for repairs?

Library rents a vehicle? Why? (nobody will ask)









4 thoughts on “Bloomington Tonight: could be long

  1. I can answer the library renting the van question. The van they had was totalled when the garage where it was stored flooded. They have wanted to buy a new “tech” van (since at least June 2021) and are leasing the current van until they finally figure out what they want the new van to be configured as and get it ordered.


      1. The old van was used for outreach programs, going to continuing education, meetings, and errands. The new van will be used to provide tech services in the community and other outreach programs.


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