Want another career politician?

By: Diane Benjamin

Term limits for Congress is one of the few nonpartisan issues in the country, career politicians are despised by both parties. This is a 2018 survey: https://thehill.com/hilltv/what-americas-thinking/408781-americans-tend-to-be-in-favor-of-term-limits-for-most

82% of Americans want a Constitutional Amendment to make term limits in law.

So, Scott Preston sent out a press release yesterday with a list of who endorsed him for the 91st District. It is a whole bunch of career politicians, he wants to be one too:

Can you name one bill any of these have passed that make your life better?

Waiting . . . .Waiting . . .

Still waiting . . . . . .

Nothing? That is how they stay career politicians.

You don’t get appointed to a seat without the same philosophy.

Keep your head down and your name out of the news. Show up before elections, shake some hands and kiss some babies. Scott Preston is perfect for a long career, what can you point to as something he’s done on the Normal Council?

The press release has quotes from two of the above:

“Scott Preston is part of a new generation of leaders working to make Illinois a stronger, safer home for our families. He will fight to lower our overall tax burden so our children and grandchildren can afford to stay in central Illinois,” stated Congressman Rodney Davis.

Congressman Darin LaHood lauded Preston’s community engagement and strong support for quality education. “Scott Preston is a proven community leader who stands up for families, workers, and job creators. Scott shares our values and, as the son of a public school teacher, he understands we must give our children the educational opportunities to be successful.”

Did Scott lower taxes in Normal? No, he voted for increases. Proven community leader? That’s political speak for I can’t think of anything else to say about Scott.

You have a better option:

Jim Fisher. He won’t be a career politician retiring on a fat pension after doing nothing for decades to serve the people of Illinois.

22 thoughts on “Want another career politician?

  1. Anybody but Preston. Yes, I will vote for Jim Fisher, but I’m having a lot of problems with his candidacy. First, the only thing I know about him is what I’ve read off this site. He appears to me to be another lost cause conservative who can’t build a coalition to get elected. Scott Preston is organized. He knows how to get elected. Fisher better get started or else he’s toast if he isn’t already. No Web site, no public announcement of running, no Facebook page, no public appearances, meet and greet events. How’s he expect to get elected? Waiting….. Waiting…..


    And how many of the politicians above voted or campaigned against the governor’s illegal mandates? As far as I know, None. One good thing about this whole virus fiasco is that it showed us that career politicians put their careers and politics ahead of the law, even when doing so actually harms their constituents.

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  3. Scott Preston knows how to get elected? Sure. Kiss Koos ass. And trust in the stolen election results that are rampant in the deep crooked state of ILLannoy. That said, Jim Fisher does need to get his name out there pronto!

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  4. Scott Preston endorsed Koos and Koos endorsed him. The election is about who is most known…I’ve heard of Scott Preston but…Jim who?

    Blnnews is great but not enough people read it to change an election.


  5. This list of GOP mouth breathers is a good example of why the IL GOP will be moving in the opposite direction of the national GOP election trend during the next election. These hacks don’t work for the IL taxpayers. Consider the $$ of these career politicians have returned to McLean County for roads and infrastructure repairs. Then look at the Peoria metro area. There is local, state and federal road and infrastructure projects everywhere, led by elected Democrats. What does McLean County receive?. More grants for CT electric buses!! There are only a couple of GOP on this list that are even a maybe for elective consideration. Time to vote them all out.

    Those GOP Governor wannabes don’t have a chance against the public unions. Plus, none even mention public pension and HC reform, school and taxing body consolidation to gain public support against the Dems..

    Agreeing with others here regarding the invisible Jim Fisher, unless he starts to bang his drum, he’ll have as much chance as Dan Brady in the next election…


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  6. I’ll open bets at over/under 20% for Fisher in the Primary. I think he’ll end up right around there. Nice guy, I like him personally, but he doesn’t have what it takes.


  7. Years ago, I gathered signatures to place term limits on the Illinois ballot. Illinois Supreme Court ruled that the citizens lacked proper authority. Go figure! We need term limits, incumbents gain fat $$s from lobbies. Koos got $36,000 from the unions, they love the way he rewards them, with tax dollars! Wait to see how much the unneeded RR Underpass will cost Normal taxpayers. Funds, whether Federal, State or local; all come from taxpayers. The result of borrowed money will enslave our grandchildren. Sad!

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  8. Yeah and Darin LaHood is one of the 80 Republicans who voted for a vaccine database at the federal level and then when I confronted him about it he said conservatives wanted it! I don’t think so! So then when I asked him where he gets his conservative voice ….silence. The truth is he voted for it without reading it first. Scott will do the same. THEN. LaHood turned around and said “but I voted not to fund it”. Yes he did but only because of the price tag and the Republicans strategic move to pass a temporary budget because they would only pass it if that and a few other things were removed. Let’s see if they are included in this next budget. I’d be a NO vote for Scott. The problem is are there others running against him

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  9. Someone who is unable to present his ideas and even himself in a campaign causes me to doubt if he’ll do any better in Springfield. So far this is what I’m seeing (or in this case, not seeing) from Jim Fisher. Time is running out. A group of supports from this site is a starting place, but it’s far from the end. That alone will not get him elected. As far as me spreading the word, what word? How does one get involved in his campaign? I don’t know a thing about the guy. So far I haven’t seen anything of a campaign other than what’s on this site. That’s troubling, indeed. How can he stand up for me in Springfield if he can’t even stand up for himself in a campaign?

    Conservatives in Illinois have a long and proven track record of running loosing candidates. I’m afraid this guy is next in line. I hope he proves me wrong, but he’s got his work cut out for himself. Each day that passes puts Preston further in the lead.


  10. Preston’s list of endorsements tells me instantly who the lad’s ‘sponsor’ is.
    If ya don’t want Preston as State Rep u have 1 choice – vote Chung or Bailey-Smith in the general election. The machine has spoken.


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