Update: Rent the Coliseum, Close the BCPA



I was missing one report from the BCPA – March Meltdown. The report claims a profit of $9,202.00

Performance fee:

The FIRST show to have a profit in 2022: $1,702.00

The Illinois Symphony rents the BCPA, still waiting to find out how much they pay. So far this year they have rented it twice.

By: Diane Benjamin

None of the reports below have been posted to the City website as of 9:00 am today.

Why would the City of Bloomington not post good reports from events at the Coliseum? I had to FOIA reports for all events held so far in 2022 at both the Coliseum and the BCPA. All Coliseum events were rentals which means the City wasn’t risking money. Total estimated net revenue from 5 events:


Tim Gleason want to hire someone to book events at both.


IHSA Dance: $44,624.79 (Rental)

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