Anybody have a problem with Park Hill Cemetery?

By: Diane Benjamin

Before I do I story, I want to see if others have problems with this NOT locally-owned cemetery.

Either comment below or email me: [email protected]

As a preview, this is a picture of a recent grave. Obviously it doesn’t have enough dirt, flowers were just thrown on top of it:

14 thoughts on “Anybody have a problem with Park Hill Cemetery?

      1. I recall seeing pictures on social media of cars parked there with Trump stickers. That’s not to say all of the cars that did damage were supporters of the failed businessman, reality tv star, turned politician, turned twice impeached former president. I’m sure there were many who weren’t.


  1. It could have been cars with Biden for president stickers on their electric cars you know that president that is so incompetent that gas prices are more than double since being elected. Prices of everything continuing to escalate but those of us on fixed income are told to suck it up . I am sure their were many that weren’t!


  2. Bnidy…you are not serious are you?? Parkhill is nowhere near the airport where the Trump Rally was held. Facts matter. Be better


  3. I was told it is owned by someone living out east. They own PH and I believe another one.
    Once I was looking at that cemetery and I walked around back of the old mausoleum and crypt markers were laying on the sidewalk. Not sure why but there sure seemed a lot of them laying around not in place covering the crypt.
    I went inside the old mausoleum and egad was that spooky. Cold as the outside and dimly lit. Not anything like I recall 20 yrs ago. No way would I buy a crypt inside that building. I was told the newer mausoleum inside crypts there were none available.
    If I was looking the Catholic mausoleum (Resurrection) over at Peoria is likely your best option. Heated and cooled inside and more modern and well maintained and plans to add on.
    Not sure how many plots PH has available but they must be getting close to the maximum available.
    How true it is and I didn’t ask but the grave opening and closing expense is high. This cemetery and East Lawn both I was told.


  4. Depending on what vault the family used in the photo and the amount of dirt showing it probably didn’t seal properly. Some vaults need weight on top to make them seal. A relative if mine who the family used a 75 year warranty vault the cemetery piled about 4 feet of dirt on top. Probably the Wilbert employee told them to do that would be my guess to make it seal.


  5. As someone who supports most of the stories and comments on this page, I feel obligated to chime in.
    I work in lawn care and have helped manage a couple country cemeteries over the years. So I have seen a lot of fresh graves. When people die and are buried in the winter, the sexton has to go out and dig a hole through sometime 18 inches of frozen soil. All of those dirt/ ice chunks have to go back on top of the grave to backfill the hole. Once the spring rains and thaws happen , the dirt settles down in the hole and more often then not, there needs to be more dirt put down on top to finish grade the hole so the mowers don’t have giant humps of dirt to negotiate over or big holes in the ground as your picture shows.
    To bring fresh dirt to the hole, you have to wait for the ground to get hard enough to bring a loader across the cemetery to bring in fresh dirt and not mess up other grave sites.
    This “ problem” will be fixed soon I am sure. Do a walk around any cemetery that has had winter burials and you will see the same thing.
    A little patience goes a long way. Maybe someday when we are buried, hopefully someone will not use our graves as fake examples of ineptitude. Thanks

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