Bloomington: Questions that won’t be asked tonight

By: Diane Benjamin

Bloomington could have a short meeting tonight:

Some highlights:

Is anyone going to ask why businesses keep leaving downtown for the East side? Is anyone going to admit the City Core is Veterans Parkway not downtown?

Sick Leave Buy Back is still being paid, it just can’t be used to spike pensions anymore. Does your employer accumulate your unused sick days and pay it when you retire using your ENDING SALARY to calculate the amount, not what it was when earned?

Still confused about Sewer Tap-On fees and why Normal fibs about them? Obviously staff brings the fees to Council, not the other way around as claimed by the Normal City Manager. This explains why they matter:

The budget will be approved tonight, maybe somebody can clarify this:

The budget is divided between General Fund spending (operating funds) and Capital Projects (building projects, huge sewer projects, etc)

Total Budget is $269.1 million

General Fund is $122.3 million

Capital Projects are $56.9 million

$269.1 – $122.3 – $56.9 = $89.9 million unidentified

The below is on PDF page 85:

The General Fund is clear. Capital Projects aren’t clear (Library and O’Neil not included?). I don’t see the $89.9 million either.

I’d like to know why Enterprise Funds are listed as spending every dollar generated, they never do. (See this year) How does the City plan to get $7,852,176 in Revenue from the Coliseum and then spend it all?

Note: the Bloomington Election Commission is going to cost $1,248,012 to only run Bloomington elections that could be run by the ELECTED County Clerk instead of people who aren’t accountable to taxpayers.

One thought on “Bloomington: Questions that won’t be asked tonight

  1. Wow, city splurging $7mil on asphalt and concrete! I think about 10 years ago Jim Karch noted we needed about $10mil annually to approach sanity in keeping up with maintenance and repairs of our roads. And that was before the $ .08 per gallon gas tax! What’s that $10mil equivalent to today, 15, 16 million? Any sitting mayor should be embarrassed when people drive around this town. Trying to attract newcomers? What a joke!

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