Huge Transparency problem in Bloomington

By: Diane Benjamin

Did you know some Bloomington officials SEARCH on this website because it is impossible to find what you are looking for on the City of Bloomington website?

Instead of concentrating on function, the City is changing the look of the Bloomington website and providing LESS vital information. Example:

Details from this story would not be available if the PACKET wasn’t on line:

Note ALL of the other packets are missing. The Agenda frequently doesn’t say the cost, last Monday’s Ecology Action Center’s item didn’t. Details were only in the packet. Without the packets research is virtually impossible.

The City can expect a lot of FOIA’s for packets if they aren’t put back on the website. The old design did provide access to them.

One other thing Bloomington should fix: I think Ferrero bought the Nestle Beich factory in 2018. The City website still has references to Beich. Let’s see if they can find it using their SEARCH.






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