Want Your Daughters Drafted?

By: Diane Benjamin

If you are in the 16th Congressional District, 2 of the 4 candidates want your daughters drafted. One didn’t respond to the Illinois Family Institute survey. Only one candidate opposes drafting females.

If you run into Darrin Lahood, ask him about his recent trip to Lebanon. His staff told me it was to stop a war. Meanwhile, the House was busy spending money without his vote. Isn’t his family from Lebanon?

8 thoughts on “Want Your Daughters Drafted?

  1. Since we “vaccinated” most of our military, we will soon need every able-bodied unvaccinated man, woman, dog, and robot to join up…. so it’s probably a good idea considering…

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    1. Yeah, that concerns me too considering how many very fit athletes in their 20’s and 30’s are dropping dead or having heart attacks or just “collapsing” for SOME unknown reasons, or they blame it on everything BUT what it likely is.

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  2. For one, the military has been all volunteer since 1973. Two, women have been involved in combat roles for sometime. In January 2013, Secretary of Defense, Leon Panetta, lifted the ban on women in combat. Women fly fighter jets, combat helicopters and engage in everything male officers and soldiers do right now. They are now and have been for years enrolled in West Point, Annapolis Naval Academy. Your hilarious pearl clutching about women in the military is sexist, Women are already in the military in combat roles. Whether the draft is reinstituted is moot.


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