Unit 5 is WOKE, Wake up Parents

By: Diane Benjamin

Quote from this story: https://justthenews.com/government/courts-law/america-first-attorneys-demand-rural-iowa-school-stops-indoctrinating

“School should prepare students for citizenship in our constitutional republic and colorblind society, not turn impressionable children into social justice warriors who view all that is good and just through the distorted lens of race, sex, gender, power, and politics.”

This is a screen shot of what my browser shows for Unit 5:

Unit 5 is hiding what they are doing because they know parents would not approve of the indoctrination Kristen Weikle is leading at Unit 5 schools. Oh yes, I can prove it beyond their hiding “Training”. Remember when they conveniently didn’t keep the “training” video? https://blnnews.com/2022/03/11/unit-5-dr-shelvin-and-the-cost-of-equity/

The school board not only moved toward raising your property taxes, they heard a presentation from numerous people who are indoctrinating your kids with Equity speech, Diversity Equity and Inclusion. See 54:15 to hear all of the speakers – it’s gibberish.

The definitive proof Unit 5 has gone WOKE is in a comment made by Dr. Krystal Shilven, Unit 5’s Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. This 36 seconds tells you all you need to know about Unit 5. Sorry about the quality, I had to tape this since the traditional ways I use to clip videos didn’t work. You can see her comments on the Unit 5 video at 1:16:15

Shelvin confirms Unit 5 is doing what other school districts around Illinois aren’t. Since they are HIDING what they are doing PARENTS need to find out. You don’t HIDE what you are proud of. Don’t forget they want MORE of your money! It is also illegal to hide what taxpayers are paying for.

1:23:30 Board member Alan Kalitzky asked how they quantify success with Shelvin’s program. Next year! Shelvin claims it will take time to see changes. This first year was setting up the program. Meanwhile, the district wants more of your money.

Two other clips to see. The first one is Mary Carlisle, the only Public Comment. The second one of Kristen Weikle proves Mary is 100% right. Why was Mary the only person to speak? Why weren’t 100’s of parents present to protest what is happening to their kids? Kids only get one chance at an education, your kids will never recover from attending Unit 5 schools. Next year they take DEI to the Elementary schools.

School Board elections are early next year. 320 districts have opted out of Comprehensive Sexuality Education because it is vile. Unit 5 is all in for grades 8 and 9. Weikle and every school board member up for election needs replaced. Parents, where are you?

26 thoughts on “Unit 5 is WOKE, Wake up Parents

  1. In my opinion, D87 & Unit 5 need to be re-organized with non-partisan people willing to do what they are hired to do!   Do away with this WOKE crap & Kristen Weikle!! Ron 

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  2. Is it my imagination or did Weikle put on some pounds? If so, perhaps she is eating more to relieve her stress. Made a dumb decision to support a bunch of crap or the pressure is getting to her.


  3. Parents better wake up FAST and come to the realization that public schools are DANGEROUS places for their children both physically and psychologically. They better speak up at school board meetings, email the board and Superintendent, and help Educate other parents about what’s going on. Your children are being brainwashed and indoctrinated at warp speed. Homeschool or private school.

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  4. The only way is homeschool. Public is starting to sound just like the disgusting bloom school. I’m shocked at how many parents stay quiet. Quite repulsive.

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  5. Remove your children from public schools. Home school or private school is your only option. Unless you want to have a little pink-haired (gender-confused) communist who thinks white people should euthanize themselves for the “good of the planet”.

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  6. Diane. I enjoy your page and support all that you do. The homeschoo/private school cry is heard, but have you looked at the cost of private school in BloNo? I am the “bread winner” in my family. By that I mean that I make a bit more than my husband, but I carry insurance for our family of 4. We make a modest living, under $100k for the 4 of us. How is a family with 2 working parents going to homeschool? Or afford private tuition for 2 kids? $15k-$20k a year for two kids. I think the focus needs to be on fighting for what needs to be in schools. Back to the basics. I have a friend who is sending her kid to “life camp” over the summer. They are teaching life skills like budgeting, minor auto repair, and credit lessons. Some of this needs to be back in the schools. Kids shouldn’t have to go to “camp” to learn this.


      1. Our kids attended CCA years ago. It was over $5,000 a semester then. They barely have services for kids in need of speech or special services. I just checked, high school is $9,900/year. a bit less for lower grades.

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    1. I don’t necessarily disagree with you, but it would be wonderful if concerned parents attended school board meetings and spoke during public comment. The schools have gotten away from their main function–academic excellence. The proficiency scores for both school districts is abysmal. They spend too much time on things that are not their role to be involved in. Not to mention the fact that fights in schools is practically a daily occurrence. Encouraging homeschooling or private school is for the physical and psychological Safety of the children. The things they are forced to see and hear in public school is child abuse


  7. I agree that most people can’t afford private schools & kids often don’t want to leave their friends & the familiar environment f their public schools. The best answer is a turn over of school boards. RUN FOR LOCAL BOARDS. THE BOARD HAS THE FINAL SAY IN DECISIONS. NOT THE SUPERINTENDENTS,


    1. So I flirted with running for the recent seat that was open in 87 since someone moved out. Took me several days to find the info in how to run. Now, I am pretty web savvy, yet it took me days to find info that should have been readily available. Pretty sure I am not the only one that did this. I chose not to pursue it at this time due to person reasons, but it is on my radar.


  8. I hope your readers have accepted that the board members who want the far-left programs will continue to ignore conservative parents regardless of how many show up at board meetings. You are wasting your time trying to convince people who don’t agree with your politics to accept yours. Dumb, Dumb Dumb.

    The only way to get the schools back on track is to get a majority of school board members elected who don’t want the ultra-progressive policies. Either grow a spine and run or continue to be ignored and needlessly complain.

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  9. Mrs. Weikle is a smart person. She knows what Mrs. Shelvin is pushing. Power dynamics and intersectionality. But she gets paid a 6 figure salary so she’s chosen to close her eyes.

    Unit 5 has a very detailed Equity Action Plan except it doesn’t include an end point goal other than implying that grades will improve and kids will be happier. Everyone knows that this is delusional at best and deceptive at worst. In the end the kids loose. But Weikle gets a 6 figure salary.

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  10. Unit 5 started going downhill when board member Mike Trask and his useless buddies were flexing their little brain power and making really bad decisions. They basically just followed whatever the superintendent said and nodded their heads in agreement. That put unit 5 in a bad position for which it is now still in and all of the unit 5 residents are getting the shaft. Good thing most of those numbskulls are gone and no longer around.


  11. Taught at U5 for twenty years. Over the last two I haven’t had one institute or school improvement day spent in better teaching strategies or improving content. It is all DEI all the time, every time. Videos, surveys, simulations, or studies. All put together by our ““District DEI Team” made up of our teaching colleagues. So, not sure why we employ a DEI person in the unit office if teachers are putting all presentations and info together. ?!?

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