SHORT Normal meeting, unless….

By: Diane Benjamin

Not much on the agenda, this meeting will only last over 10 minutes is trustee comments get good!

I wonder why they vote to release Executive Session Minutes and then never put them on line? Doesn’t that mean they weren’t really released?

Since the news is light, how about going back to this story and at least watch Dr. Shelvin chuckle about what Unit 5 allows her to do?

I can see how many times videos are watched! That 36 seconds says everything about what Unit 5 is doing.

4 thoughts on “SHORT Normal meeting, unless….

  1. At the last council meeting Pam Reece told Stan Nord that the road condition study would be released at the next council meeting. I don’t see it on the agenda. Any idea why or is it just another instance of Pam Reece lying to the Council?

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  2. Maybe they should start talking about what is happening to Rivian? Their stock is right now at $26.25 and falling (again). There is talk everywhere online that Rivian is not “going to make it”. This is pretty serious stuff for the Town of Normal, I think? Or is just another round of leftist cool-aid in order? Nothing to see here? Move along Ultra Maga?

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  3. Whatever it is that Dr Shelvin is getting away with, it cannot be good. Parents, please Homeschool your children or choose private school. More families are choosing to Homeschool. More resources are available. Please don’t send your precious children back to public schools.

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