Unfortunately this guy is going to be a teacher

By: Diane Benjamin

McLean County has a similar public comment policy to Normal’s. If you want to speak about something not on the agenda you have to wait until the end of the meeting. The guy on the video below didn’t have to wait hours however, it was closer to 1/2 hour. The meeting doesn’t start at the beginning of the video.

His topic was the budget cut for the Extension/4H office. Evidently he didn’t understand that group is sitting on a pile of unused money. The cut was only to decrease their reserves and save taxpayers a little capital. Nobody is cutting programs.

If the education system is producing teachers incapable of looking at facts they will create future citizens also unable to parse data. He is starting student teaching soon. He didn’t explain why he grew up here and is going to school in Nebraska. I wonder if it’s because out-of-state tuition is cheaper than Illinois colleges? He’s an Ag major.

Just hit play to hear Clayton Thomas:

3 thoughts on “Unfortunately this guy is going to be a teacher

  1. His misunderstanding of county finances aside, he probably wanted to attend Nebraska because its ag program is ranked in the top ten percent in tge country. Also, maybe he got a scholarship or just wanted to go to school out of state. Many kids do today. If I had it to do all over again, I would and would have made better connections than at ISU. I’m willing to give this guy a bit of break. His ignorance on the topic is likely due to his passion for 4H and a Unit Five education. At least he wasn’t at the podium promoting communism like many county board members.


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