Did Julie Emig quit Council?

By: Diane Benjamin

Julie Emig hasn’t showed up now for two meetings in a row. Ward 4 had no representation last night or on September 26. Maybe that’s why the minutes from 9/26/2022 were not on the agenda for approval.

Yes, the meeting had to be a record for SHORT. The Clerk continued to not call all the roll, just roll for the people present. There was no Public Comment, without all the bloviating after approval of the Consent Agenda and Union contract the meeting would have been 8 minutes.

Deputy City Manager Bill Tyus called Bloomington’s downtown great and the reason Bloomington was chosen to host this conference. Can that $750,000 study be canceled now? (See 8:20)

Uptown Normal was bypassed to host the conference? 😎

City Manager Tim Gleason was absent.

Otherwise nothing too exciting happened, watch yourself:

9 thoughts on “Did Julie Emig quit Council?

      1. My you are rather daft. Please post in quotes where I said I know everything.

        Unlike your claims of all knowledge I do not know everything
        Your statement is not true. Why post lies?

        I said she is ill. Period.


    1. I’m not sure “sick” would be an accurate representation of her condition. “Sick” would be missing a meeting or two.

      Let’s just call a spade a spade: Emig is unable or unwilling to perform her duties as both council and history museum director. While the museum board may decide to have others perform her duties, the voters of Ward 4 do not get the same.

      If unable to perform her duties, as it appears is the case for an extended period, Emig should resign this paid position and allow the residents of her ward to have representation. Her constituents should not be without representation for months or longer.


  1. Looks like another vacancy/appointment on the city council coming soon. Hope Mrs. Emig is getting the care she needs. Health comes first Julie, stay strong.


  2. About that museum director job … who hired her ? What background does she have in museum mgmt exactly ? … or was this just another jobs-4-tari’s-liberal-friends type thing again ?


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