Seen the latest on Green Top Grocery?

By: Diane Benjamin

h/t a reader

A reader gave me a multi-page Green Top ad that came with the newspaper. She told me she’s never seen them do an ad like this before. It rivals what Kroger or Jewel does.

Have the investors seen a return on their investment yet?

Besides ridiculous prices like this one, ending a food desert is no longer the goal:

I make my own for less than $1 a bottle. It would be pennies is I didn’t add flavors and other good stuff like vegetable and beet powders.

Is this $6.99 a bottle because it’s “woke”?

I drink one everyday because it’s good for digestion and immune system. Who can afford one of these everyday?

Were investors told the mission of Green Top was discrimination based on skin color, identity, and who vendors sleep with?

Remember back to 2015 when money was being raised to build? This quote was in a story from 8/28/2015:

“I love that Green Top Grocery will allow me to have access to locally grown food all year long.  This is a win-win for my family, farmers, and the Bloomington-Normal community.  Being able to be a part of this store as both an Owner and through making an Owner Loan makes me feel like I am taking a big step forward in improving my local economy.”   ~ Jody & Jean Underwood

If anything in the ad was locally grown, it didn’t say. There were no fruits or vegetables on sale. The closest I saw were Organic Large Pasture-raised eggs for only $5.99 a dozen.

This note is on the bottom of the back page:

Do the owners know they bought “Woke”? That means offering affordable competitive locally grown items for sale is last on Green Top’s agenda. Good luck ever getting your money back.





13 thoughts on “Seen the latest on Green Top Grocery?

  1. We certainly have become a woke society the pantatgraph had an article in the paper today about the
    Chicago marathon that took place in Chicago this weekend where Jake Fedorowski an advocate runner and consultant to the marathon stated “this year the marathon welcomed 70 nonbinary racers, I would no longer participate in races that only offered men’s and women’s categories, I was done being misgendered.” 70 nonbinary racers you think our God is happy that a man and woman are disappearing in America?

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  2. On 9/30, the sent an email to owners stating they were within weeks of closing if revenue didn’t increase. Apparently sales were up 15% the following weekend.

    We used to shop there for local produce, but it became tiresome and very expensive – planned parenthood donations were the final straw for us.

    A key issue is that leadership (both the board and store management) have turned over many times since inception. It seems like there’s a steady stream of disputes among workers, shoppers and board members – but nobody in leadership roles is actually adept at managing through turmoil. The answer is always to either quit or banish people. It’s a joke.

    Perhaps farmers and producers should have been board members – not woke olympians. Good, quality food is not something that should sit squarely in the liberal arena, and it’s a shame they have run the place into the ground

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  3. Funny that they should include veterans on their list — people who have actually done something and earned the right to be given some preference. The rest…not so much.

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  4. Well, they took down their Black Looters Matter sign out front…

    I have been in there twice. The place is deserted. How they stay in business is beyond me.

    They are a bunch of naive know it alls who don’t have a clue.

    F them and their bipoc, alphabet family “inclusive trade” virtue signaling BS.

    Get woke, go broke.


  5. They excitedly announced in July that every $1 spent via LINK/SNAP earns $1 in fresh produce. How on earth can they be profitable? They are all out to prove their detractors wrong. It’s doubtful they did any research into the grocery business. Now they were always WOKE but everyone’s out about it now. Their infighting and poor management will cause their demise. They will rest the blame squarely on others.

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  6. Very rare that SJW’s are able to lead and manage a FOR-Profit business. Green Top’s pay plan and benefits are thin enough to ensure that no person qualified to lead the business would be willing to relocate to take the job. To the hourly wagies , it’s just another job. After the warm/woke feel good wears off , their enthusiasm fades quickly into disgruntled wage slave mode.

    It takes more than rainbow dreams and virtue signaling to run a profitable business that actually meets its customers needs.

    Location wise , it might be suitable as a video gaming parlor or a strip club after Green Top folds.

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    1. Amen. It’s a zombie business. It’s dead, they just don’t know it yet. For they are not admitting a publicly.

      And for the record, I’ll cast my vote for a strip club to replace Green Top. They can name it green topless


  7. Is anyone forcing you to go to this grocery store? No. This is a mean spirited attack on a business
    you seem to hate. You wouldn’t be writing this about a “Christian” business.

    Then this little riff: “Veterans…people who have actually done something and earned the right to be given some preference. That’s quite an elitist statement. There are many people who deserve our courtesy from teachers and the many people who do their jobs make life in this country


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