I have to laugh at WJBC

By: Diane Benjamin

Notice anything wrong with the picture accompanying the story they posted to Facebook an hour ago?

I can think of at least 7 things wrong the pic, how many do you count? I bet WJBC has press credentials! I wonder why?

7 thoughts on “I have to laugh at WJBC

  1. I’m inclined to think this picture was used deliberately. Sending a message for sure. They’re not stupid. Renner probably still has his hand in Bloomington City Government, and Mboka is just the front man. Like obma and biden. At the outside drag show in downtown Bloomington this summer renner wore “Mayor” on his clothing. Neither he, mboka, rogal, and several other adults in attendance saw anything wrong with very young children (4 y.o.) watching this obscenity. In fact, mboka spoke. I wonder if he took his kids.


    1. You catch on fast. I was in denial myself for months.
      Tari IS pulling the stings and ALL of Mboka’s board and commission appointments are either :

      1. Tari’s friends that are reappointed.
      2. Must be pre- cleared for appointment by Tari.

      City of Bloomington don’t want nobody that Tari didn’t send.


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