Unit 5 meeting tomorrow – they are raising property taxes

By: Diane Benjamin


The Unit 5 School Board will be raising your taxes over 5%, how much over isn’t in the tax documentation.

A Public Hearing is being held before the vote, of course very few of you will show up and tell them what you think. You voted down the referendum so they will just fleece you anyway. Maybe try voting next April for a School Board that represents you?

First Student will still be transporting students.

I want to congratulate Unit 5 for holding a meeting on a Wednesday during Advent. Many churches have Wednesday night activities, but tomorrow night’s meeting can only be considered indifference to religious families.

Lots of items are on 1st reading and won’t be discussed, this is one of them, I highly suggest parents read all of them:

3 thoughts on “Unit 5 meeting tomorrow – they are raising property taxes

  1. The local YWCA teaching a “sex” related curriculum at Unit 5 grade schools beginning January. According to the email from Unit 5, this is in regards to Erin’s Law and will concern “Child Sex prevention and awareness”. However, this organization, in my personal experience and opinion should not have be allowed contact or “teach lessons” in Public school.

    With the current nationwide “debate” currently between parents, school boards, school administrators, ideologically driven educators, and the Dept. Of Education dictating topics (at all ages) such as gender awareness, hyper-sexuality, promoting sex outside of marriage, and making this topic a dominant subject versus math, reading, writing, science, physics, ethics, and Critical Thinking. Pushing abnormal behaviors and teaching terms such as “consent” to grade schoolers, when the only words they should be taught about this topic should be, “NO!” Or “no touch”, involving sexual abuse. Children can’t consent to sex…it’s just flat out No!!
    As a trained “Volunteer/Abolitionist” with Operation Underground Railroad, I have been trained in child safety and recommend everyone watch the videos on the website. Ourrescue.org

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  2. Unit 5 is abhorrent. Disgusting. They are happy to Sexualize Your Children. Parents, Where Are You? Please Homeschool your children if at all possible. Make sacrifices if at all possible to make this happen. Unit 5 and school districts across this country are determined to DESTROY Childhood Innocence and Destabilize Children. Send your children to private school if you cannot Homeschool. Get them out of this cesspool.

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