Fly on the Wall: Tim Gleason

Overheard while flying around:

Bloomington City Manager Tim Gleason really wants the lobbyist the Council voted 5-4 not to hire. Money, money, money – never enough!

Gleason wants a re-vote. The aldermen didn’t fall in line! Who is going to flip and change their vote?

Does Deputy City Manager Billy Tyus still have a job? Is not getting the rubber-stamp to spend $270,000 grounds for termination?

A re-vote should be 9-0 against to send Gleason a message. Grants come with strings that can’t be cut, and a co-pay.

6 thoughts on “Fly on the Wall: Tim Gleason

  1. Open your eyes Bloomington this character gets thousands of dollars a year well over $200.000 .00 AND HE NEEDS A LOBBYIST. WHAT THE HELL FOR? EARN YOUR MONEY GLEASON DO YOUR JOB WITHOUT SOAKING US TAXPAYERS WITH YOUR LAZINESS OR INCOMPETENCE!

  2. If Gleason really wanted votes to go his way, maybe he should consider showing up to the council meetings for a change.

  3. Sounds tail-end Gleason is trying to wag the dog.

    Appears this contract is REALLY important to him. Must be like Madigan type important for him to want to kick. it. back. to the council with such urgency.

    For a lobbying contract.

    As if Bloomington has no other more pressing issues than THIS firm getting a lobbying contract.

    whatever gives him his kicks, I guess ^-*

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