Unit 5 Special meeting tomorrow!

By: Diane Benjamin

Agenda including possible budget cuts: https://meetings.boardbook.org/Public/Agenda/1482?meeting=566908

I’m told closing the school in Carlock has to be done, it doesn’t have enough students to justify the staff costs.

Otherwise, cutting Administration is just now being considered? What took so long?

Where is the report detailing NEW REVENUE?

The referendum should be voted down and a new School Board elected. Unit 5 obviously needs new perspectives. Let the new Board solve the problems instead of the Board who contributed to the problem.



20 thoughts on “Unit 5 Special meeting tomorrow!

  1. Excellent candidates running for Unit 5 School Board:
    **Amee Jada
    **Brad Wurth
    **Dennis Frank
    **Mollie Emery
    **Steve Mackowiak
    We need you to please Vote. We cannot sit out this election.

    1. Careful with those candidates! They support expanding e-learning! Not okay with my kiddos spending even more time staring at a computer screen! Especially after the past few years. No thanks!

        1. Already have! It’s on their website, and I listened to Amee’s interview with Cat this weekend.

          They want to combine multiple sections of classes and pay for online curriculum to cut the number of teachers needed (instead of 2 sections with 30 each, kids would be in a single section with 60 each). Less personalized instruction, more staring at screens, less parent control over the curriculum. Was clear from the interview. If

          If that’s your cup of tea, they’re your candidates! That’s not for me though!

  2. The need to cut out everything related to, “Teaching IN CRT.” And, CSE. As well as, “Democracy Schools.” Root and branch. All of it! They need to put forth their plan to INCREASE: READING Proficiency for EVERY Child. WRITING Proficiency for EVERY Child. ARITHMETIC Proficiency for EVERY Child. SPELLING Proficiency for EVERY Child. The current proficiency in these subjects is obscenely low. Yet they go on and on about how excellent Unit 5 Schools are. Nonsense. Excellent is not proficiency in the 40% range. That’s beyond failing.

      1. Smaller class sizes do lead to more effective teaching, but if the primary subjects are no longer English, math, and science but rather racism, sexual grooming, and narcissist pandering, you aren’t going to see much improvement regardless. And I don’t know that those have truly replaced ‘the three Rs’, but they’re clearly prioritized above music, athletics, and vocational education.

      2. In.my day, class sizes had nothing to do with a students academic success or failure. I had 40 to 50 kids in one classroom until junior high and 90 percent did fine or better than fine. If class size is a primary reason for student failure then get rid of the mega lecture halls at the college level. Everything is an excuse today. Learning depends on the student wanting to learn and the teacher actually.wanting to teach and kids actually wanting to behave. Spare me all the “studies” that have been done to the contrary.

        1. Ah yes, the good ‘ol ‘back in my day’ comparison. 🙄 I suppose you also walked uphill both ways to school, too.

  3. I heard from a board member that they have enough operating budget for this year and next, he wouldn’t make cuts now if it were up to him. Also, he said they are going to vote to cut these things tomorrow, and then have a special vote to re-instate them if the referendum passes. So hopefully the new school board can also vote to re-instate some of these things if possible when they get elected and the referendum fails. We will see!

    Thanks for the updates!


  4. Half day today for Unit 5. Three hours of school. Between the late starts days that evolved into half day Wednesdays, longer Christmas break and all the other “administrative” shortened or days off”. My kids are home quite a bit more then Dist. 87.

  5. Online “learning” is a bunch of cr__p. Easy money for admin and staff. Parents pretty much have to do more and students are like little puppets. Forcing kids to watch CNN and CNN Kids is just as bad as the little “Math” videos they have to endure which make no sense to even adults.

    Pathetic waste of tax dollars 🙂

      1. Seen lotsa e-learning in various forms including blended and video based tests and lessons. Elementary, secondary and at the employment level & personally in grad school. Also developed them. Regardless of the method and term. Expensive and a joke. Not true education. Tools though. The testing is bad.

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