Did staff show them the map?

By: Diane Benjamin

The map below is from November 18, 2019 when the Council approved regulations for cannabis sales.

PDF page 58: https://www.normalil.gov/ArchiveCenter/ViewFile/Item/3467

The dispensary could try to locate in any RED area. It shouldn’t be too difficult to find a location that isn’t close to family friendly businesses!

Who thought Mandarin Gardens was a good location? I’m sure High Haven did, staff did not to deter them?



3 thoughts on “Did staff show them the map?

  1. It was eye opening when the town staff guy criticized Chic Filet for being “too successful.” The woke town staff’s social equity solution is if they view your right leaning businesses as too successful they will strategically put a business next to you to intentionally take your success down a notch or two or three. How socialist.

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  2. One of my various candidate questions recently asked something about whether with Amendment One, the Town would support workers the way they have supported businesses. My short answer was “God I Hope Not!” since they don’t give a rat’s rumpus about business unless they’re friends of the Mayor or are a strong fit with his agenda.


  3. God help us if anyone in Normal considers this economic development. Sadly, I think the town of Normal does. Or, at least city staff. What this really is, is a local restaurant that’s not a chain, going out of business due to an unfriendly business environment.

    Who can afford to go out to eat any more? The food and beverage tax is even higher than our sales tax. Then, the owners have to pay their workers an out of sight minimum wage and a local government who shuts them down during Covid. To say nothing of the property tax the owners are paying on the building.

    Guess we’ll all have to weather this economic storm by staying at home and getting stoned.


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