Bloomington is still spiking pensions

By: Diane Benjamín

Bills and payroll:

IMRF wouldn’t have required this payment if some pension wasn’t spiked:



Agenda for tonight:

The meeting is mostly budget. PDF page 30 might be interesting. Take a look.


8 thoughts on “Bloomington is still spiking pensions

  1. They placed and promised unqualified staff into “systems type and leader type” roles to increase their salaries. Then pretty much exploring taxpayers. I know done of them. (Local Dem. agenda followers and tools).

    No conspiracy they are close to retirement age. Pretty sad for working class who get zero raises and bad benefits. For years. Skill and education and experience wee not considered.

    Taxpayers help build their “transformation” models and it’s not all it seems. Buddy systems help them all get ahead in B-N.


  2. The accelerated payment is due to the State Law required payment of earned vacation time at separation. It triggers the 6% rule of IMRF


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