Tri-Valley Packet for Wednesday Night

By: Diane Benjamin

School Districts used to respect Wednesday nights since churches hold services and/or activities on that night. During Lent my church does so I will not be able to attend.

The District is releasing packets now:

See PDF page 34 and following. The district is going to quit paying a stipend for a variety of sports and activities – no reason given. If I could attend I would ask why!

PDF page 39 and many pages following are listed as Amended Sexual Abuse and Molestation Guidelines. The paragraph below covers staff, meanwhile I’m told bullying by students of other students continues. It did as well when my kids attended almost 2 decades ago. Evidently that problem can’t be fixed.

PDF page 61 has a list of resignations and new hires.

Another Wednesday Night:



One thought on “Tri-Valley Packet for Wednesday Night

  1. If they wanted to address and solve the problem of bullying, they would. For some reason, they don’t. It’s been a problem for decades, and bullying is still a problem today. Why? Everyone says it’s just kids being kids. Really? Is it impossible to teach children to be kind to one another or there will be consequences? Oh, and regarding Wednesday nights. They purposefully schedule meetings on Wednesday nights because they know there are people who have church services on Wednesday nights.

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