Bloomington Council 3/13/2023

By: Diane Benjamin

Watching the video is much more difficult than listening. The mouths and the sound continue to not match. Spending millions on IT evidently can’t get quality video.

Most of the meeting was reviewing the budget again. You can page through the presentation slides beginning at 17:40.

See 20:24. Unit 5 thinks the EAV rose 6%, Bloomington thinks it is 7.26%.

26:23. Salaries will increase 9%, includes additional staff

You can also view the slide presentation here:

The reason socialists/progressives should never be elected was made clear by Jeff Crabill. He raved about the EXCESS reserves the City is holding because it allows them to do more. The EXCESS is more than DOUBLE what it needs to be. Does “doing more” include a downtown streetscape? Two are running for office, Jenn Carrillo twins. Figure out which 2?

The EXCESS is created by over-taxation, it should be returned to taxpayers instead of automatically raising fees without a vote. Just hit Play to hear the soon-to-be-gone Crabill:

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