Eleven Years

Right now I see no reason to continue writing for people who don’t bother to vote. Eleven years might just be the end.

Elections have been fixed in McLean County for at least the last three elections using Mail-In ballots and 40 days for the far left to collect those ballots from uniformed people. The Republican Party has allowed this to happen and I don’t see them doing anything in the future to stop it.

Only 27.43% of County voters bothered to vote. A large percent of citizens in Normal now have ZERO representation.

Only 22.89% of Bloomington voters bothered to pick their representatives. The result is at least 2 far left progressives who will vote to spend millions downtown.

Voters picked Unit 5 representatives that did nothing to stop the deficit and gave them more money with no proof the cut programs will be restored. Expect huge salary increases for teachers since they got the Board they need.

It’s quite easy to steal elections when the silent majority stays home.

I might change my mind, but it won’t be today.

86 thoughts on “Eleven Years

  1. Unfortunately we have seen this happening for years, you have a large population that live off government handouts they either don’t vote or those that do will only vote for a demonrat and those that have the money they could care less about how middle and lower income people get by.
    You are absolutely right Diane I think you would be wasting your time reporting what the corrupt people are doing in power, the people have spoken they don’t care, although that would make those in power happy. So I would encourage you to keep at it you are good at what you do.
    This will be my last comment concerning Normal and their corrupt people in charge I don’t live in Normal but my business is here.
    Stan Nord you gave it your best and you have no reason to hang your head so sad that those that you tried to help are going to be one’s to suffer.

  2. I’m with you. People just don’t seem to care that our country is on the brink. Socialist just won mayor of Chicago. Socialist just elected to supreme court in Wisconsin. Bloomington/Normal continued their decline. I no longer live in Illinois and have sold 3 of my properties there. Still have one and trying to get rid of it as quickly as possible. I’m 75 and just depressed. That is what they want.

  3. When it comes to voter turnout, I am always surprised at how utterly uninformed and disinterested the public likes to be, craves to be. There are no ends to the excuses for it either. Everyone has an opinion of course, but perhaps consider that it’s not really worth much if it’s not rooted in fact and if it’s not worth casting a vote, it’s not worth anything at all. Democracy requires participation. Thats the one thing that every citizen gets to do – a constitutional right – to cast a vote. It doesn’t take much. Heck, we don’t even have to agree on anything except that voting matters. But, maybe that’s the problem. That voting sure doesn’t feel like it matters. Public officials are never accountable to the same standards the rest of us are, especially in Illinois where it seems that folks insist on outrageous taxation with their representation, where they actually allow public officials to revert us back to a feudal system. Crazy stuff. For me, the solution is clear. Leave Illinois to those who like it this way. In retrospect, it turns out that not voting is still voting. Not voting means I LOVE IT THIUS WAY AND I AGREE. Most citizens are getting exactly what they are agreeing to.

    1. Hard to believe that this once Conservative Bulwark known as McLean County has turned into a socialist cesspool. I feel you Diane, it’s hard to stay positive with elections being stolen before our very eyes. Makes our efforts and hard work seem worthless. The $300k thrown into our local races by the DNC didn’t help. I cannot be convinced that Stan Nord did not receive the votes to retain his position, especially when his running mate Tiritilli received more than he did. What does this county look like in 5 years if we give up now? I’m not sure, but I CAN tell you what my checkbook will look like.

      1. The school referendum created a great get-out-the-vote mechanism for uninformed voters. Those voters are easily swayed by a few postcards and TV ads, and having most local media slant their coverage in favor of the status quo doesn’t help. (Or maybe I have the importances out of order? Whatever.)
        I expect I’m more disappointed than most here, but I don’t think election fraud played a significant role.

        1. I think it was a bit more than postcards and ads. People went door to door and held large informational meetings. I think that people legitimately just wanted to give schools proper funding.

          1. Perhaps. Marketing always wins. (They passion play while saying it’s for the kids and schools and the horror of what they will have to do without or cut).

            They played that narrative for decades at every level.

            Works with words like “opportunity for kids” and “for the kids”. What a joke. People that believe that don’t understand reality or budgets or taxes. Or just plain brainwashed and love helping the shady system.

            This area and Illinois in general clearly are not educated or smart.

            Illinois has always been bad and like a mob. (Ask anyone that lives here I. Reality and left).

            It’s tons worse now. The same finding the tic has done on for years. Like a slimy salespitches and marketing deception.

            Puppets (acting like hero’s) and children run our towns and counties and our state $$$$

  4. Diane you have done a great job. Just think how much worse things would be without you.

    Due to mail in balloting and manpower to help the campaigns the democrats already new they won before a single vote was cast yesterday.

    This will continue to be the result until libertarians get more man power and republicans get more involved locally.

  5. It does seem obscene. I feel that sense of hopelessness. I will never understand why people vote (or in many cases don’t vote) against their own best interest. I’m so glad I moved out of the city. My little community doesn’t have politician overlords . It ‘s nice to feel free. I read your work everyday. I would miss it terribly. I am keeping you in my prayers Diane.

    Kathleen Lorenz getting the most votes makes me physically ill. To those who can, get out of the cities, things are about to get much worse.

  6. I say let it implode. People want to be lemmings and are willing to follow them over the cliff. The green revolution will lead to power shortages. Today…no sun and the turbines would be stopped to prevent overheating. That means no green power. No power. No water. No food. My family will survive.

    1. Agree one thousand percent. BN is a community loaded with group think fools. It’s always been more important to be liked than stand on any principles. Let the remaining population choke on it and watch it burn. Hey BN getalongs, have a drink, smoke some more weed and give your recently divorced sex mate you picked up at the bar last night another disease or unwanted kid. The party never ends!

  7. It takes a toll doesn’t it Diane. Apparently things aren’t bad enough for voters and parents to care.

    When children are raped in the Unit 5 restrooms by transgender boys, when race riots return to the local high school basketball games, or Illinois puts up concertina wire around its border to keep people from leaving, maybe then the parents and voters who are too busy to care will decide its time to vote.

    I’m struggling with where to go from here too but ultimately there can be joy in the midst of persecution and hope in the darkness of this world. We need to find that joy and put a smile on our faces now, then the angry victors will wonder what true power really is and why they don’t have it.

      1. Really atreima?
        Did you not hear about the progressive Loudan county schools where a transgender boy raped 2 girls in the restrooms at two different schools?

        Have you not heard that Unit 5’s equity ideology identifies students as either oppressors or oppressed? Will that improve race relations?

        Granted concertina wire was a joke but have you not heard about California’s “exit tax”? Concertina wire? JB just might go for it.

        Progressives change things but they rarely improve things.

        1. It sucks that that happened. It wasn’t related to bathroom laws. That’s an assumption you made.
          Unit 5’s Equity ideology does not identify students as oppressed vs oppressors. Check your facts and sources before you say things.

        2. The sexual assault in Loudan County was horrible. It wasn’t because of bathroom laws or transgender acceptance. Cisgender people commit far more crimes on a daily basis. Your generalizing an incident.

          Unit 5’s equity ideology is not about dividing students into oppressors and oppressed. I don’t know where you found this. Check your facts before you post.

          1. Thief Lord – The point is the failure of the progressive Loudan County school board in accepting policy and practices that are dangerous for students. Something that Unit 5 might consider before this happens:

            “Turmoil erupts in school district after claims that critical race theory and transgender policy are being pushed.” – https://www.cnn.com/2021/06/24/us/loudoun-county-school-board-meeting/index.html

            As for Unit 5’s divisive equity ideology and the facts. Within their Equity Audit of August 2021. You can find the following in the Glossary of Terms Used and the number of times each is used in the document. ( ). https://www.unit5.org/cms/lib/IL01905100/Centricity/Domain/3645/EA%20FINAL%20McLean%20SD%205.pdf

            Pg 119 – Dominant (dominant culture) (10) All *dominant* or historically *unjustly rewarded* identities such as White, male, heterosexual, cisgender, upper class, abled-bodied, U.S. born, native English speaker, college-educated, Christian, young, desirable in stature, size, and appearance.

            Pg 120 – Racism: (24) The individual, cultural, and institutional beliefs, and actions of oppression that manifest privileges to White people, or those that identify or are perceived White, based on devaluing the experience and humanity of Black, Indigenous and/or People of Color (BIPOC), or those that identify as BIPOC. Racism is fueled by White supremacy ideology.

            Pg 120 – Social Constructs: (construct 9) All dominant and non-dominant identities that exist in visible and invisible social stratification systems of one’s value, positionality, and full humanity.

  8. No one should be surprised. BN and McLean County has been ruled by an organized Clique for decades, the current difference being it has become more radical. People there are devoid of ethics and morality and vote accordingly. With or without mail-in or a fix real or imagined, the resulting percentages would be the same even with a larger turnout. Promoting an agenda about stupid shit is now the primary, one that political outsiders spent significant amounts of money to make it a reality. The results mirror the present societal breakdown across the country. They are laughing this morning at the city halls and the universities. Only idiots celebrate their own demise and BN is more than full of them. People remaining with any brains should be contacting a realtor today to put their property on the market. The total collapse of BN isn’t that far off. So very glad I left and immediate family are elsewhere.

  9. The election wasn’t “fixed” as you imply. It was completely fair, the conservatives just lost and are outnumbered in the area. While I would also like to see turnout much higher, there is no reason to think that higher turnout would favor one side more than the other. There are apathetic folks on both sides of the spectrum.

    At the end of the day, the far right folks like the U5 school board candidates will have the support of around 30% of people. To win elections, they have to reach moderate conservatives and people in the middle for that final 20%. Talking about book banning, expanding e-learning, and shouting at folks won’ t get that done. They lost because they were poor candidates.

    At the end of the day, y’all are going to have to confront the fact that you’re a dwindling political minority.

    1. I agree with you that the election was not fixed. Just like when President Trump was on the ballot or another major issue, there is going to be a downstream effect. The U5 referendum was the driver to get people out to the polls. Those supporters then weren’t generally going to support the Town Council members speaking out against the referendum (Nord, Sila). I disagree that the conservative/Republican side is dwindling. There were just a lot of conservatives/Republicans also supporting the U5 referendum and those board candidates.

      Nord has made some great points, for example, talking about lowering the utility tax versus eliminating the vehicle use tax and the town’s appointment process. However, he also rankled some people and the media outside of this site was not kind to him. That’s a tough spot to overcome, especially when you don’t have anyone else on Council running. Tiritilli’s first mayoral results were huge, but he did worse in the rematch and even worse now. He may have a future in 2025, but I’m not sure if he wants to run again. Renner perpetually fell in races until he won the mayor slot.

      From a spending perspective, Pritzker putting in his own money in just like Rauner did. He just has a lot more of it, and he doesn’t have a competitor now that Ken Griffin (Citadel founder/CEO). Conservatives/Republicans are going to have to open their checkbooks to compete.

    2. The simple fact that you label yourself a “Rational Thinker” is quite hilarious. Oh you DO see “the writing on the wall” I’ll give you that, but it’s far from being rational since you also appear to feel fine about the way things are going, and that, is NOT rational. If you want to be even happier than you most likely already are may I suggest a move to Chicago, or San Francisco or Portland or numerous other “Blue” city Hellscapes that have been brought about by the type of “politics” that you seem to be ok with.

    3. This mail in voting is pure crap. One day to vote. Get over yourself. Find yourself. We had great candidates but people are just numb and don’t go vote. The Demorats…and they are are working the system. They love telling minorities how much they are displaced. What a freaking joke.

    4. Nah. Y’all are better at ballot harvesting and convincing low information people that they’re victims.

      We have to get in the mud with you and play as dirty as you, and our leaders simply don’t have the stones to do it. They think there’s some moral superiority to “doing the right thing.”

      Just be sure to stay in Illinois where you’re welcome and stay out of the red states.

  10. Democrats vs. the Republicans.:.a tale of a professional machine vs. armatures…Democrats build processes to win elections…Republicans expect candidates to figure it out on their own…Until the Republican Party decides to create a machine to compete with the Democrat’s machine, you should be surprised when a conservative wins not when they loose.

  11. Diane, Thank you for your hard work! Until we are able to get rid of mail in ballots, we will not win another election. There is no control of the chain of evidence! The difference in the referendum vote was approximately equal to the number of mail in ballots. I hope you continue. However, I understand that if people don’t vote…all is lost.

  12. Diane,
    This morning I told my husband there is no sense reading your articles after the election results. I’ve been a follower for over 6 years and have found your information relevant and accurate. I remember when most of your posts were about Bloomington and was very happy when you started including more about my hometown of Normal.
    I too feel let down the voters can’t see the corruption right in front of their eyes. I don’t understand their apathy. But I do understand your reporting has made it a little easier not to quit. Your site makes me realize there are others that don’t always like the decisions our politicians and school boards make. You don’t just report the news Diane, you give us hope that there are other citizens that won’t quit – and someday those citizens will help change the path Normal is on. It will happen even though sadly it didn’t in April. And part of the reason it will happen is because you chose to keep us informed.

  13. Diane, they steal elections. But don’t let them defeat you too. Whatever you choose know that many more of us support you than the mobster tactic traitorous idiots that will be happy to see you go.

  14. Agreed the election was stolen,…. The socialist’s may have gotten the most votes but that DOES NOT mean they won….. Pray for our country…!!!

      1. That’s a big part of the problem, really good thieves who have honed their “craft” become quite good at hiding or not leaving any evidence and then screech for someone to find evidence (“You don’t have any evidence!” )when they are suspected of theft.

        1. So, it didn’t go your way, that means it’s automatically stolen. Got it. 🙄

          This schtick is getting really old and why Republicans nationwide will continue to lose.

            1. You’re right, it is a good thing. I have, and there is zero proof of any actual evidence of an election being stolen. But, please show me the evidence….

      2. Well lets see…
        1) EAC machine certification required by law was ignored nationwide. I can show you a letter from a US congressmen that was wrote in a panic worried about it being known publicly.

        2) the Halderman Report… find it, read it.

        3) mail in ballots… so we had a record municipal turnout supposedly. Huh, thats odd that it coincides with mail in ballots becoming a legal form of voting. I for one received a full ballot ( for yesterdays election) in the mail that I never requested. It’s still unopened in my desk. I suppose I’m crazy for imagining the ways that could be used fraudulently. I wonder how many others were sent out? 100’s? 1000’s?

        4) Then theres this… OUR ELECTIONS ARE ALL FEDERALLY CONTROLLED! Remember, all election entities have signed their cyber security over to DHS. All IP’s from the election entity networks are funneled through DHS. Doesn’t that sound illegal to you? I seem to remember a founding document stating that Federal involvement in elections is not allowed, but oh well nobody reads those anymore anyways.

        I could go on, but whats the point? Theres only about 200 people in the county that care anyway. The benefactors of the illegality will never speak up, or even acknowledge the possibility.

        Still waiting are you? If that wasn’t enough to at least spark curiousity let me know. I could spend a week and put a whole nice package together for you if you’d like! Wait, nevermind, what am I thinking? No way cpuld I know things you don’t already. smh

        1. Number one, you’re correct, but zero evidence of fraud.
          Halderman report shows human error, not fraud.
          There’s nothing wrong with mail in balloting, everyone knows this. If Trump had won, you wouldn’t care.
          No, it doesn’t sound illegal.

          Well, at least you didn’t bring up a certain nonsensical documentary, so thanks for that. 🙂

          1. Theres evidence of fraud, it’s been on national tv even. It’s just been ignored, cast aside, was refused to be acted upon by investigative bodies.
            I don’t care if it’s fraud, human error, intentional, or unintentional. It all means inaccurate results (here comes the “It wasn’t enough to change the outcome” line). Tell me, what could possibly be more accurate than 1 day voting on paper ballots counted on camera in front of God and everybody. The traditional absentee ballots can continue to be utilized . Don’t need any cyber security for that, can’t blame it on the machines. Shouldn’t be a problem finding counters, treat it like jury duty. I promise you I would say something no matter if I liked the winner or not. It would make me a complete hypocrite to do otherwise.

            It should sound illegal to you and everyone… it’s against the law. How much more illegal can you get?

            What is the documentary? I might like it 🙂

          2. Hmmm. Illinois leads the pack in election and data integrity issues. In Fact – they have spent the most time and money with their “legal” networks and systems partners implementing shady data and privacy policy at State and federal level & a terrible unsafe AWS and role based security admin access process that is way risky for abuse and manipulation.
            Every state dept is compromised.

            Foreign “systems” partners (and large orgs) help facilitate and have access and it’s no conspiracy. Be careful who you think the experts are. They are deceptive just like most of the bills that get passed. (Bi-partisan)

            Don’t believe everything you see or hear.

            Politicians and funding “partners” on both sides of the aisle are involved.

            Carter and Blagovich even professed there is rampant election fraud. Even Pritzker tried to buy his way into a Senate seat. .

            Research people!!!

            It’s a mess. Illinois leads the path!!

  15. That’s why we moved to Texas. We realized it’ll never change. It’ll never get better. By cheating and voter apathy, the left has the upper hand. The right “works across the aisle” while the left kicks us in the teeth, and we never learn to fight them on their own terms.

    I applaud Stan for staying in the fight. And I’m sorry he can’t get the help he needs to put out Koos and the council in their place

  16. Republicans can vote by mail if they want to do so. Republican candidates can use the 40 day period to “collect ballots from uninformed people” if they want to do so. (In fact, one candidate for city council who lost did try to do this by knocking on more doors than their opponent and was successful at doing so; despite this, the opponent still won.) Republicans could also seek investments from major donors to boost the coffers of conservative campaigns. There is no honest way to say the election was rigged. It’s just a means of shirking responsibility for failing to capture enough votes to win.

  17. You know who really won the Normal election? It wasn’t Lorenz, or Smith or even Byars.

    It was STAFF. Town staff came out the real winners in this election. They got exactly who they wanted, who will allow them to continue to set policy without answering any questions. Staff get to send whatever they want to council now and just get it rubber stamped every time. It’s sad, they will no longer have to answer to anyone.

    1. Exactly – Bloomington got the same. Both Normal and Bloomington Councils shouldn’t even bother to meet anymore, they will just be rubber stamps.

  18. We now have representatives campaigns receiving election funds from unions and groups that need funds from government. I fear representatives no longer represent citizen taxpayers.

    1. I think this is an issue both parties could and should get behind. Actual, reasonable limits on donations and spending in politics.

    2. Maybe if Stan had managed to get the town to buy land from his supporters they would have given hime more support!

  19. Diane,Thanks for all you have done.  You gave it your best.  I understand packing it in and enjoying life.  Chicago’s voted for Lori Lightfoot’s clone.  Illinois will remain in the mire in perpetuity.   I would hate to see you go, but I understand your frustration.  Matter of fact, I quit contributing to the Republican Party about 10 years ago.  I only contributed to LaHood and Barickman.  In the recent election cycle I did not give to Barickman.  I am disappointed to angry that he resigned immediately after the election, but at least he does not have any of my recent money to give to a RINO.  I quit giving to  LaHood about 3 or 4 years ago and I saw he shared some of his campaign money with Lorenz for this election, nor will I ever give him or the Republican Party nor any Republican candidate future contributions.   R

  20. I think the vote by mail is foolish. There are countries around the world where people really truly risk their lives to go vote. They do so proudly. We have grown lazy in our voting, in particular with local elections because the reality is that being poor in the United States, from the big picture point of view, you are not poor.
    Now with that said, voting by mail is the law of the land. We know the law.

    The Democrat Party and those that support the Progressives and Socialists of the Democrat Party have figured out a way to go out and get the votes. They work the streets, social media, etc. They have done this very well and look what happens, they win elections. Honestly, Congratulations. You have figured out a way to win, you implement and you succeed!

    The Republican Party overall has shown they don’t want to change. They want to do things “the way it has always been done.”
    Those 7 little word…”the way it has always been done”
    For people who understand business, if you hear a business owner who is losing business and utters those words, we all know they are doomed.

    Until the leadership of the Republican Party decides to get into the ball park, we can never win. For those of you in the position to vote for Republican Leadership(notice I didn’t call them leaders), ask yourself, why do you keep putting the same individuals in charge of the party? The blame lies in those who elect the leadership. So if you are reading this on your mobile device, turn on the camera, reverse it so your image is shown. You are to blame. Go look in the mirror, you are to blame…..

    Some of you are getting angry right now. How dare he say that, well the truth hurts doesn’t it.

    To Diane: You have been fighting the good fight. Now it is time to focus on a different enemy, the enemy within. Republicans\Conservatives need to change our tactics, Time to start calling out the weak Leadership who refuses to learn.

  21. This election had one of the highest turnouts for a non Presidential election. Since 2010 there has only been 10% each time so consider over 20% a blessing.

    I am a moderate conservative who voted for the referendum and voted early. Why? Because it was and has been needed for years. Not do to mismanagement but many other factors out of the districts hands.

    1. OFFL: Really, the referendum has been needed for years?
      Explain how it is needed
      1. When you look at the cost per student in Unit 5 and then compare to others, ask where is the bang for the buck?
      2. EAV is is UP – WAY UP. That alone is bringing is significant dollars to Unit 5, yet they need more.
      3. Rivian – not paying property taxes is up, significante extra dollars coming in there.
      4. Unit 5 student population is down 1500 students from its peak, Any reduction in administration? Teachers? Teachers Aides?
      I heard someone mention a couple weeks ago(maybe more) that local government is becoming a monster at eating tax dollars and needs reigned in. When you just believe what the School Board is saying instead of looking at the real numbers, well, they snowed you or as some like to say, LIED TO YOU.

  22. You can say what you want. But since the leadership of the the Republican Party has come under the influence of Stan Nord. There is not a race, legal battle, or referendum the Republican Party has won. Highest turnout in history for a municipal. Biggest defeat across the board.

    We need winners, not losers with excuses.

      1. The State GOP has been losing for 40 years, McLean County GOP has been on the large decline for 10. National GOP is trying to go the way of Illinois. They want everything to stay the same. They don’t want new blood in the top seats and those top seats of power don’t want to listen to anyone else. Just looking at the local Executive Board – and Yes I’m going to name names, George Wendt – Sorry George yes you worked on the Nixon Campaign,,,,NIXON. The ideas of NIXON are done for running elections. You have been in your seat for years and what works for you is NOT going to work for everyone else. Stop telling everyone how they should run their elections. Jim Snyder, Jim Fish, Carl Wenning – all old school. David Paul Blumenshine, he is a little better, at least he is willing to fight. Lets get some younger blood on that Executive Board. The older crowd needs to start moving into the shadows and let younger people in and GUYS – yes GUYS, 1 Woman on the Executive Board? Really…ONE. I challenge you to find a replacement for yourself, someone who is Younger or someone who is a Woman. Maybe even some who(gasp) isn’t white.

        1. Interesting that you bring up Nixon. One could easily argue that the Southern Strategy employed by Nixon led the GOP to where it is now. A GOP where Edgar is persona non grata is DOA in Illinois.

    1. This is the correct take. Stan Nord is a big loser, in the true sense of the word. If he stays leading local conservatives he’ll be bringing everyone else off the cliff with him in future elections.

        1. ‘Stan should be Running the local GOP!!’ Dennis the new chairman seems to be doing a Much better job at trying to support ‘minor candidates’, support grass-roots GOP values, etc. Previous chair Connie was a very nice lady but we need more of a fighter – so far Dennis seems to be stepping up so I’d say he definitely deserves more of a chance.

          Side note to all former or former-ish Republicans who stay home due to excessive RINO-ism: Your help and involvement are sorely needed! Please *Please* either join the Libertarians so they can become an effective force or give the new Republican leadership a shot at earning back your trust! The Dems are pushing civil war, psychological child abuse, and fiscal ruin and need to be stopped!

  23. I truly appreciate all you do. Has to be tough and the narrative and political and money grab and nepotistic climate in this area has been known for a long time. It’s crossed over to state departments now and we are in deep trouble.

    I certainly don’t trust the elections or process or politicians in our area (and the ones I do don’t speak out about real issues and play follow the leader). Now all their grown kids are in high positions playing the same game with “influence” (like they say)

    It’s hard to watch and hard to stomach. Agree- hard to fight the system or deceit. Discernment and questioning insanity is not something anyone seems to have anymore. Or a backbone.


  24. Disagree with your narrative that turnout is the issue. Turnout in 2019 was 12% when Nord got a strong 1st place. Turnout in 2023 is looking like over 27% and he’s in 5th place. The more people that voted, the less support he got. Same with Tiritilli. Overall, Nord screwed the pooch for Tiritilli due to being an ineffective Councilman. Marc is also to blame for making the error of banding himself together with Stan.

      1. There’s a lot of room in the middle between being a rubber stamp and fighting every little battle instead of picking and choosing wisely. Stan should’ve focused on a few small wins and reforms, and then run on a record of being effective this year, and help carry Marc and/or Karl along with him on a strong message of getting things done. The fact that you assume me stating facts means I like the outcome of last night is insane.

        1. In a 6-to-1 room, there was no way Stan could have been ‘effective’ in the traditional sense – even if he narrowed his focus, they would know better than to give him even the slightest win unless is was part of their plan anyway. (Like voting down the hard liquor package store at One Normal Plaza so they could call it compromise to give the mayor’s friend exactly what she wanted in the first place.) He Was effective in bringing a voice for the unrepresented and hope to the truly disenfranchised ‘average Joe’.

        2. It would have mattered little if Nord had fought “little battles” or big ones. They were out to get him from the start because he wasn’t one of their hand picked candidates or part of their exclusive club. I worked around these people. They are vile and vindictive to a fault if you disagree with them on the smallest matter. It was always about pushing a leftist political agenda. Sit in meetings with Koos or any of the staff like I did and you find out real quick how they feel about the local taxpayer. Nord likely knew it too and decided on a full frontal assault. At least he leaves with his integrity intact and actually exposing these frauds for who they are. Make sure you know what you are talking about before commenting the next time.

    1. I didnt see any numbers that beat those of the winners from Marc. But its weird how the huge jump up is (conveniently about the same as the mail in).

  25. Marketing always wins. Especially when they target certain “ Groups” . (They passion play while saying it’s for the kids and schools and the horror of what they will have to do without or cut).

    They played that narrative for decades at every level.

    Works with words like “opportunity for kids” and “for the kids”. What a joke. People that believe that don’t understand reality or budgets or taxes. Or just plain brainwashed and love helping the shady system.

    This area and Illinois in general clearly are not educated or smart.

    Illinois has always been bad and like a mob. (Ask anyone that lives here I. Reality and left).

    It’s tons worse now. The same finding the tic has done on for years. Like a slimy salespitches and marketing deception.

    Puppets (acting like hero’s) and children run our towns and counties and our state $$$$

  26. I am surprised and disappointed at the conservatives(?) that believe Stan Nord is the problem. He is the only one to ever challenge the status quo. It is not an easy position to take knowing the deck is always stacked against you.
    Without Stan, everyone at city hall will soon be driving a new city owned Rivian.

  27. @BNINDY
    Number one, you’re correct, but zero evidence of fraud. – THERE is multiple evidence of fraud as I have read over the last six years. Your failure to see that or admit that is not something that I am going to go back and footnote for you as you’ll deny that as well or refer to goofy Snopes or some other debunked nonsense.

    Halderman report shows human error, not fraud. – NOT familiar with it. Not looking it up. Quite frankly don’t care as I’ve seen plenty.

    There’s nothing wrong with mail in balloting, everyone knows this. – NO EVERYONE does not agree with your assumption. If “everyone” did, there would be no disagreement in the first place.

    If Trump had won, you wouldn’t care. – I ONLY CARE that the elections are fair. I can take a loss if it’s fair.

  28. Diane, they want you to throw in the towel. Then it will be easier for them.

    Instead, re-energize, focus, keep working to shine a light on the darkness to expose it. I think you are using your God given gift to make a difference and you are. It will show. Don’t let them silence you because of a few disappointments . Keep fighting the good fight!

    Thank you for your service to your community.

  29. Stand tall Diane! You are a warrior – a survivor – and you didn’t start this blog just to have something to do.
    Regardless of what the left thinks, you are fair as well as tolerant. You allow contrary comments which is
    not allowed on other Illinois politics blogs. You walk the talk.
    If this is affecting your health, from one old timer to another, give it up.
    But if it doesn’t…
    Eligible voters not showing up for elections is a age old problem. Their apathy will be their downfall.

  30. My prayer…may GOD bestow on all of our elected leaders a moral conscience so heavy that it brings them to their knees, that all things hidden be revealed and all crooked paths straighten! It’s Easter! And he is coming back make sure your heart and standing with GOD are where they need to be because we all know whose isn’t! Thank you Diane for all that you do’! Don’t let them win!

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