Bloomington’s tonight fun

By: Diane Benjamin

Tonight’s Agenda:

PDF page 56: Police buying 3 drones. See this link recapping an early morning crime spree on 4/2/23: At least drones are cheaper than a helicopter!

PDF page 66: The Lake Bloomington Maintenance Facility burned down in March of 2019. Now 4 years later bids are being rejected to build a new facility because the cost is more than anticipated. (Maybe it isn’t needed since it’s been gone for FOUR YEARS!)

PDF page 285: The HUGE budget will be approved minus $45,000 for the McLean County Museum of History. It will be voted separately so Julie Emig can vote on the budget and recuse herself from this vote since she works there.

PDF page 321: Tim Gleason isn’t happy with 1 Deputy City Manager, he wants TWO. The current Deputy had Total Compensation of $221,192.74 last year:

FYI: Growing administration means growing government. That never ends well for the wallets of citizens.


Bills and payroll:

See PDF pages 93 and 94. Human Resources is advertising in many places for employees. That is in addition to the $21,622.75 (PDF page 60) not paid with P-Cards. P-Card spending is a little over $9,100.


5 thoughts on “Bloomington’s tonight fun

  1. Tim Gleason does not need another obscenely overpaid assistant city Mgr. That amount of money for that job is absolutely ridiculous. Just another unnecessary position to give to another democrat for a paycheck. And there are many other normal and bloomington government jobs just like it–invented positions created for the purpose of handing someone a paycheck. And the taxpayer is overburdened with high taxes to pay for it.

  2. Police buying drones. Hmm must be brokering data like State Farm and Country Financial/IFB and creating their “Surveillance” capitalist kingdom – wacked “tech”

  3. Getting closer to mother russia… apparachiks getting their dacha for monitoring the peasants. Its sad to see bloomington-normal devolving into a union communist cesspool. It would be interesting to see the salaries of the city employees. Too bad to see the museums and libraries so politically involved. Too bad our voter turnout was so poor.

  4. Two deputy city managers?Is Gleason to stupid that he requires two helpers? Talk about a joke . How many deputies does it take to assist a city manager? Two. One to pour Gleasons coffee and another to stir it? Why two? Better yet why one deputy. Gleason is paid to be manager so manage! Next thing you know he’s going to ask for a third then a fourth.

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