Too good not to post

By: Diane Benjamin

Kelby Cumpston does a good job recapping Bloomington’s agenda on Facebook before meetings. I like reading his views since they can be insightful.

I have no idea why Greg Koos made the comment below because the Bloomington Election Commission isn’t on the Agenda.

Does Greg know BEC couldn’t tell candidates how many signatures were required to run for office because of redistricting? They have ONE job: Elections. BEC has real problems finding competent leadership and voters can not FIRE a single one of them.

Koos obviously doesn’t know we are a Republic not a democracy. Don’t know what xtian means?


What party is banning light bulbs, gas stoves, cheap energy, and gasoline vehicles? We know who is authoritarian! Does the McLean County History Museum have an anti-white Christian exhibit yet? Expect to see one soon.

Is Greg Koos inciting violence against white Christians? It sure sounds like it. He sounds like Hitler making Jews the villains.

Kelby is right. Non-partisan doesn’t exist.

9 thoughts on “Too good not to post

  1. Oh no, I may have missed an announcement – Is Kathy Michael going somewhere?
    She does a fantastic job and pushes through mountains of crap to keep her office running smoothly!

    Another Koos Klown with a lame opinion – shocking!

    The reality is the BEC is a huge waste of tax dollars and they have a track record of errors to prove it.

  2. Greg Koos thinks she’s doing a good job?
    She allows Democrats to change their party classification to Republican, so they can be Republican Election Judges. So much for checks and balances.

  3. This is why I’m not a Dem or Republican in Illinois anymore. Both sides a mess McLean County is little Chicago/Cook county and they all play along.

  4. Wow – Looks like Chris Koos’ missing sense of truth and honesty runs in the family!
    At least Greg is consistent with the Dem’s standard approach – If you want to know the left’s true intentions, just look to what they’re accusing their opponents of. (With any obvious tweaks, like the left are not primarily xtian.)

  5. I see that Greg Koos is being given a lifetime achievement award from the Illinois State Historical Society. Probably because he’s written some cracking good books and done lots of great scholarship and historical preservation. I wonder what kind of recognition you or your collection of wall-eyed paste eaters will get now that you near the end of your lives? Feel free to let us know what you accomplished with your petty, pointless lives. I’ll wait. ⌚️

    1. In BN, you don’t have to do anything to get an award except be in good standing with the local ruling Clique. Politics doesn’t matter.

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