No Water Park this year

By: Diane Benjamin

Last nights meeting was over two hours long, it will take more than one story to cover.

You will find out next week why the Water Park won’t open this year when 4 presentations will be heard at the Committee of the Whole. Grant Walsh revealed the Water Park during budget discussions: (1 minute video)

I wonder when the City will admit the audio not matching the video is because it is easier to stop recording when somebody is about to say something they don’t want you to hear.

During budget discussions Sheila Montney asked why the City wants to get back to 2010 staffing levels. Part of the Gleason’s response is missing, the Live Stream locked up during his comment. Just hit PLAY, it’s obvious. We don’t know what we may never agree with!

Staff raved about the budget. Only $10 million is being spent on roads and sidewalks not including the huge spending of State Motor Fuel Taxes on projects for new roads.

Billy Tyus must not know under Tari Renner the City borrowed $10 million to fix a couple of roads. It isn’t nearly enough to make a dent in getting all roads rated at least a 5 out out of 10. Worse Gleason claims he can’t say how many lane miles that $10 million is going to fix. It will surely be a lot less than the $10 million borrowed since inflation ate a lot of it. Shelia revealed Pekin is spending $17 million on roads. For reference, Pekin is less than half the size of Bloomington.

Start listening at 44:50 to hear that part of the discussion.

7 thoughts on “No Water Park this year

  1. Montney provides great commentary regarding the auto increases in funds. For example, it appears the 3% yearly increase to the garbage fund is essentially used to provide guaranteed 3% raises to garbage workers. That adds greatly to the pension costs.

  2. Bloomington city employees (including police and fire ) are hugely overpaid and benefitted.
    The lite load workday and easy-off schedules are just another form of benefit.

    If Gleason and Tyus were required to wear body-cams while ‘working’ , the citizens would revolt in anger.

    Requiring Gleason and Tyus to wear body cams is only 5 council member votes away – IF any council persons with a spine would ever fight back…

    1. Police are not overpaid. In fact, they are underpaid. Fire? Yes. You must be someone that has never called 911 or attend a funeral with a flag draped over a casket. You must live a life where it is all about you, yourself and I. Do some research. Because of the democrats and their idiotic bill regarding policing, we actually have a shortage. Think you can do better? Then apply. Otherwise…SHUT UP! Go cheer for more diversity and inclusion.

      1. I agree w Yurin. $70 k to start and guaranteed 98k by year 3 is over-cush pay for a no edge town populated by insurance clerks. City just not rough enough to justify paying Fyfe 6 figures to pass the boot at Dunkin. …

        … and how about that all- white Fire Dept thing Bloomington has going for it ..

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