Update: $10 Million won’t fix much in Bloomington

Roads resurfacing scheduled: https://www.bloomingtonil.gov/Home/Components/News/News/9524/1394?backlist=%2fdepartments%2fpublic-works%2fbloomington-streets

Oakland isn’t one of them.

by: Diane Benjamin

Oakland and Macarthur are major roads, they both become one way streets in West Bloomington.

Oakland is a disgusting mess of holes and patches long before it becomes one way. I drove the whole thing today and heading back East on Macarthur.

It appears Macarthur will be fixed since curbs and sidewalks are be replaced. There is no sign of any work on Oakland. The Macarthur work is probably from the current budget which was way to low to accomplish much.

The bottom line is Bloomington roads will never reach even fair. Bloomington doesn’t want to fix the roads. They bought a Water Park instead. Soon they will be spending millions downtown instead of making the roads driveable.

Maybe the roads will finally get fixed when nobody can get to downtown.

3 thoughts on “Update: $10 Million won’t fix much in Bloomington

  1. Democrats and the Responsible Cities PAC mocked the candidates who wanted to fix the potholes. Voters chose to elect people who would rather spend on amenities instead of infrastructure. Potholes and sewage backing up in basements are 100% the fault of the Democrat voters and the Republicans who did not vote in the local elections.

  2. Bb b but w3 need a 2nd deputy city mgr and his assistant and we got all these upcoming consultants to pay … s0rry folkz : roads closed

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