Blessent: James or Michelle?

By: Diane Benjamin

Media is reporting this is a female who has been charges with five counts of predatory criminal sexual assault:

Michelle Blessent isn’t “her” birth name.

Go to the Circuit Clerk’s Public Access page:

Type Blessent and James in and then click Search Criminal Records.

This is what appears:

Most of the cases are traffic related. All of these cases show the person was born in 1989. I wonder if James/Michelle will claim he/she is mentally unfit to stand trial?

Is this accused sexual predator being housed in the woman’s jail?

Why did the Clerk’s office change the name going back to 2006? Obviously “Michelle” hasn’t existed since 2006 or this record wouldn’t appear when typing in “James”.

6 thoughts on “Blessent: James or Michelle?

  1. If an alias is given, they have it crossed so that it appears under any name used. It has been like this for years.

  2. 5 Counts Class X Felony Predatory Criminal Sexual Assault to a CHILD under 13. $1,000,000 Bond. Did the Pantagraph have a front page article about this scum bag? April 28 at 9am will be HIS Arraignment.

  3. Ahhhh so THIS is why it sounded a bit “fishy” when I heard about it on the radio. They do this all of the time, give the “preferred name” of these predators who pretend that they are women in sexual assault cases and the like. I hope to God that common sense prevails and JAMES is in with the guys at the jail where HE belongs.

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