Former CII East Building wants exorbitant rent

By: Diane Benjamin

h/t Kelby Cumpston for posting this on Facebook


Taxpayers are subsidizing this building by waiving the 6% Short Term Rental tax and providing 20 parking spaces in the garage across the street for 15 years (or 20 since the docs say both).

It gets better!

The same two guys behind this project will be getting more giveaways for redeveloping the old Coachman Hotel property:


Remember, this was tabled at the last meeting:

Also keep in mind all the giveaways are FUTURE money that doesn’t currently exist. Nobody is getting a check up front.

You can have a despicable looking CII East building and an empty lot generating no revenue OR return future revenue. Developers now expect kickbacks since they will just go somewhere else to invest that will give rebates if they are denied. Since Bloomington is possessed with making downtown a destination, they were easy to convince.

Maybe the communists will show up again and ask what the rent will be for the Coachman property.

Ensenberger’s has two condos for sale:

See other prices condo’s in the building have sold for – the prices aren’t consistent!

The good news is whoever pays that much for rent at the CII East building can afford to go to shows at the BCPA!

I have no idea who can however. It certainly isn’t affordable housing. If Tim Gleason has recovered from COVID I’m sure he has cleared the path forward by now.

8 thoughts on “Former CII East Building wants exorbitant rent

  1. I’d never thought I’d see the day that the great Diane Benjamin sides with those commies wanting affordable living! In a city a small as bloomington is (relatively speaking), this corporate complex of luxury or “market rate” housing coming to bloomington has opposition from all kinds of fronts, showcasing to city council that this will truly be a detriment to the city in the long term.

  2. The best part is hearing the traffic noise and looking at concrete. I suppose if 5 families lived in one unit and divide the rent it is a bit cheaper for each family.

    I’d be curious to know if apartment buildings here have to provide a percentage of apartments for low income indivduals/families subsidized by the fed or state. I know when I lived in a studio apartment in WI they had x number of units they had to use for low income.

  3. The enemy of my enemy is my friend. Didn’t K.C. run in the same circles as Carillo, Crabill, Sonny Garcia and the other political radicals on the County Board? A member in good standing of BN chapter of BLM? Also wasn’t he suppose to be heavy into affordable housing projects that never quite materialized or ran out of money? Just asking.

  4. That’s some pretty weak marketing they have there. Each condo for sale has 1 picture to describe the place.

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