BCPA loses money, nobody should be surprised

By: Diane Benjamin

Two new BCPA reports below – of course the Performance Fee aren’t included.

Did they quit reporting attendance because it’s embarrassing?

The performance fees are hard to decipher because they aren’t marked correctly on Bills and Payroll reports. There wasn’t an event on 4/23, did they mean 4/20?

Then there are these two:

The two reports show a total profit of $18,404.34.

Performance Fees total $30,092.88

Loss: $11,688.54

4 thoughts on “BCPA loses money, nobody should be surprised

  1. I missed the part where it says it’s the responsibility of the American Citizen Tax Payer to pay for entertainment for the local elites. Where is that written?

    1. “Some animals are more equal than others…..” – that said I was surprised to see the High Kings, that show might actually make a profit. I’m sure it will likely be the only one of the season. Of course I might be giving the populace too much credit.

    2. Oh and that is written just below “Even if the citizen is 106 years old and makes $1248.00 bucks a month on SS those property taxes BETTER get paid!”

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