Illinois Budget Commentary by Jeanne Ives

By: Diane Benjamin

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Jeanne’s (former State rep) commentary on the new Illinois budget:

7 thoughts on “Illinois Budget Commentary by Jeanne Ives

  1. Oh, COME ON MAN !! Over 1 Billion dollars for illegal aliens health care and your American kids can go to hell. And by the way, We don’t want to hear you taxpayers whining about this. Please, Just keep going to work, pay your taxes so we can help the illegal aliens and shut your mouth. You voted us in stop being racist and watch the greatest transfer of wealth right before your eyes. Just keep voting for those social justice candidates. Why do you need INVEST in kids act? We are gonna Flood the schools with illegal alien children who can’t speak English and the teachers will no longer teach. They will from here on out be HIGH PAID Babysitters. You’re Welcome!!

  2. On Pritzker’s belief that only rich people should be given the freedom to choose the schools their kids attend – is he a White Supremacist? Sounds like it.

  3. The sad part of it is that these people,Prickster and demoncrats continue to get voted in. By who? a majority of people of color continue to vote for these lo lives when their children are the ones whose education could benefit through school choice. How, by voting more conservatives in power. I just don’t understand why people continue to vote the way that they do especially when their childrens future is at risk.

    1. I do not believe I am mistaken when I say this, I have been involved too long! Many many People stay home, and don’t vote, which really is choosing. And many well meaning people who do vote, Don’t know actual voting records, because if they did, they would see their FAVORITE guy or gal who they claim is SO NICE, actually voted in the direct opposite of what the voter would expect. I followed a Governor Candidate around years ago and simply PASSED OUT HIS VOTING record to people who LOVED HIM! They were disgusted and did not know how he voted. He dropped like a rock, simple by the little action we took. SUCCESS! all this to say, people/tax payers are NOT paying attention!

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