Did Green Top Realize Woke is bad for Business?

H/T a Reader

Green Top in 2020:

“To show our solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement we will get permanent signage for our store. We are going to get a Black Lives Matter banner that will hang outside of our store facing Washington Street. We will remove the paper signs taped to the windows.”

A BLM banner was hung as promised.

Green Top 2023 – BLM banner gone:

2:00 PM on a Sunday afternoon when other stores have packed parking lots:

Either they figured out Go Woke and Go Broke or they realized alienating customers is a bad business plan.

Are they expecting you to “Enjoy” the high prices?

10 thoughts on “Did Green Top Realize Woke is bad for Business?

  1. Personally I can’t believe they are still in business. I’m someone who has to “eat clean” because of health issues so I would/should be one of their customers but I’m not. I’m a fresh Thyme customer because they are not convenient and expensive! And I don’t shop at left wing establishments. Regardless of what you think, reality is that conservatives have a larger voice than folks realize. We just need to stop being afraid and use it. I WILL NOT STAND DOWN OR LIVE iN FEAR OF THESE LEFT WING RADICALS!!! NEVER!

  2. I went in there once and saw the prices of food and walked back out. Sorry but I would rather shop at Fresh Thyme or Bloomington meats if I am going to not go to Kroger, Jewel or Hyvee.

  3. They don’t have any business. Do they rely on donations from limousine liberals to stay afloat? Like some others here, my wife and I went there when they opened.

    We were astounded by the prices. They averaged 2-5x what other grocers charge. We never went back.

  4. I have been an owner since 2017 and did not shop there for about 6 months during the most woke period. The board and management have made improvements and I am glad. Bloomington needs this Grocery COOP with healthy choices from local farmers.

  5. Let me rephraze that for you Phil. B-N could use a great organically grown, fresh food type of grocery store. You bet. But the prices have to be reasonable and drop your woke politics. Duh.

  6. yeah, when green top was being promoted prior to launching it was billed as a solution to a ‘food desert’ in that part of town, and not the elitist, politically active storefront that it has become. most of the people in the area that need a local store can’t afford to shop there.

  7. I’ll just say this, the banner is gone and the store has new management. The culture is more friendly to anyone who desires good quality food produced by local farmers. I do not buy all of my groceries at Green Top. If more people would shop there and spend even $50 per month, utimately prices will come down. It’s just economics, GTG will be able to purchase inventory at reduced prices if volume increases.

    1. So, you are blaming all the people who don’t shop there? It wasn’t government who subsidized construction and still is when they could have easily located in a vacant cheaper building and expanded as demand grew?

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