Smoke gone, Turbines and Blago!

By: Diane Benjamin

It is a glorious beautiful morning! The Canadian smoke is gone for now. Since there is close to NO wind the turbines aren’t turning.

I found a newspaper yesterday from October 8, 2006. Then Gov Rod Blagojevich flew in via helicopter to announce a $2.2 million grant to build the first 120 turbines – total cost was $500,000,000. He claimed Illinois needed to invest in Green Energy to stop “Global Warming”.

The term wasn’t changed to Climate Change until people noticed “warming” wasn’t happening.

Can you see the Climate Change link YouTube added? Long-term shifts in temperature have been happening since the world began. Central Illinois used to be covered by a glacier. Did fossil fuels melt it?

3 thoughts on “Smoke gone, Turbines and Blago!

  1. I think of global warming/climate change this way. In a year there are 365 days. How many of those days are we breaking a high or low record in temperature? Less than 1 percent maybe? Can that contain a long term trend? Also these “records” include only around 100 years of recorded data out of millions of years of actual data. Could that small sample contain a reliable long term trend?

    You’ve got to be pretty simple minded to be an alarmist. You’ve got to ignore common sense and simple logical thought. This leads to the fact that these alarmed people are somehow able to unquestionably believe something is true just because they want to. That’s dangerous for them and for everyone else when those amount us that are looking for power, money and control realize how easy it is to lead them wherever they want them to go.

    Stupid people are the main weakness of democracy and the strength of Marxism, Socialism and Communism.

  2. For a number of years I have subscribed to various Archaeology magazines simply because I love learning about the past….way in the past….and also, just because I’ve always had a curious mind.

    I’ve never kept track of the number of articles I’ve read where from their “digs,” archeologists” or “paleoecologists” (or other “logists”) have determined long droughts by studying grains they’ve found and/or reading about weather-related problems on long-ago buried ancient tablets they’ve dug up. Here’s one example: India’s Indus Valley flourished between 2600 and 1900 B.C. but collapse from experiencing some 200 years of “major droughts”. (Hummm… lack of rain… possibly along with higher temperatures? Wouldn’t this be considered ‘climate change????). The thought was, these droughts “may have” transformed the existing social structure, forcing populations to move.

    I could continue adding bits of article after article, but this one example does a good job of relating weather….. wwwaaayyy back to some 4,200 years ago!!!

    Today, we are being fed ‘climate change’ by a controlling group of (Marxist) “elitist” idiots….that obviously have ignored years of archaeology studies!

  3. The current climate change situation has a clear parallel that even most grade schoolers can understand:
    The dinosaurs did not give up their big cars or gas stoves, and climate change killed the dinosaurs.

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