No Live Stream or recording

By: Diane Benjamin

Despite the City of Bloomington Information Technology budget being over $6,000,000 this year, last night’s relocated meeting to the BCPA wasn’t live streamed or recorded.

Since I opted to picked green beans instead of attend in person, you will have to take WGLT’s word for what happened:

One thing I’m sure wasn’t discussed:

Bills and Payroll approved last night show a total of 1095 employees: PDF page 4

Bills and Payroll from the 7/25/2022 meeting show a total of 970 employees: PDF page 3

12.1% increase in 1 year.

Many or seasonal but growing government only means more mistakes will be made. Start with not being able to Live Stream when IT had plenty of warning the temporary relocation was coming.

4 thoughts on “No Live Stream or recording

  1. When the leftist progressive marxist democrats move into Bloomington Normal, with no experience or job skills, they are given “government jobs” at the expense of taxpayers. Very little is expected. Very little will actually get done. A lot of sitting around, standing around, talking, etc. No accountability. But, as usual, the taxpayer is left holding the bag.

  2. McGraw park fountain is still out after two years… streets look like beirut in all parts of town… in o’neil park done? More employees=less services. Remember folks we work to keep them employed, so of.

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