Illegal kills another American

By: Diane Benjamin

The most under reported statistic is crimes committed by people who illegally crossed the border. Immigration status is rarely reported.

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A 24 year old women in Springfield was allegedly stabbed to death by her DACA boyfriend. The person who sent this to me claims she worked for Sen Tammy Duckworth. He did pose with Dick Durbin:

US Marshals are now searching for suspect:

15 thoughts on “Illegal kills another American

  1. I recall a liberal democrat many years say that if the law to confiscate a person under 21 drivers license for getting two tickets while driving that if it saved one life it was worth it.
    I guess the new statement from the demoncrats is that if one life is lost it is worth having all the poor illegals come into our country. Wait a minute not illegal but undocumented and by the way in illinois we are going to give them drivers license without the code for undocumented so the illegals don’t feel singled out.Welcome to the new America.

  2. She’s a woman who died of domestic violence at the hands of a man. The issue of men feeling entitled to harming — and killing — women crosses race, nationality, immigration status, etc., and we all know that. Her name was Emma Shafer and she deserves to be remembered as a full person, not just someone “stabbed to death by her DACA boyfriend.”

  3. I’m not a leftist. I’m just saying she is a victim of domestic violence and deserves to be remarked upon as a full human, not just used in death as a citation or a “good example” of issues at the southern border. Men will kill women anywhere, everywhere, attempt to reduce them to victims — we shouldn’t let any of them win by reducing those women to their status as murder victims.

  4. Yes, he certainly got charged with illegal crossing. And on top of that, he had a history of violence, which ended up in a prison sentence that was apparently reduced. There are *plenty* of state failures to observe here. I hope, however, her humanity and how she had such an indelible impact on her community at such a young age is remembered over how she died. And I obviously hope that if he did it, as law enforcement believes is the case right now, he is brought to real and actual justice quickly.

  5. Emma Shafer would still be alive if our borders were closed and this illegal scumbag was still back where he came from. Quit making excuses about saying domestic violence is the root cause. HIS DOMESTIC VIOLENCE SHOULD HAVE BEEN OUT OF THIS COUNTRY.

  6. I mean DV is accusation, not an excuse lol and I literally said there are all kinds of state failures here — including at the border, which I already cited. He can be illegally in this country and a batterer at the same time. There’s literally no excuses being made for him or the government so I don’t know why you’re mad!

  7. Kate Steinle killed several years ago on pier in San Francisco by an illegal alien. Not just any illegal he had been arrested in San Francisco his third arrest and had been deported several times. Immigration enforcement requested San Francisco authorities to keep him in custody until they could come and get him guess what San Francisco being a sanctuary city released him instead. Several weeks later he shoots a gun killing Kate in front of her father.
    You want to know why I so pissed situations like those above Kate Steinle would still be alive if these scum bags were kept out of our country.

  8. Maybe he should have waited until after that day in Sept so he could possibly qualify for JB’s cashless bail. Just sayin.

    Even if they do find him there isn’t enough justice for her family for this act.

    Just another illegal on the taxpayer payroll to prosecute and defend that we shouldn’t have to pay for because of the Democrats open border policy. Another Durbin acquantance. The media should use that photo to spread the word to help find Dick’s friend.

  9. You are so right Jb and his new cashless bail in September this killer can’t be held he is no longer a threat to Emma Shafer because she is now dead. He should be let out as he is no longer a threat to the victim. Watch it will happen.

  10. Illegal aliens take jobs Americans supposedly won’t do… including killing, raping and robbing Americans.

    Mexico and other Central American countries aren’t sending us their very best.

  11. Has anyone looked at Durbin’s home in Springfield Il. 1125 Bates Pl. on the west side. Ask his neighbors they hate him as much as the rest of us!

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