Normal: FOIA Requests

By: Diane Benjamin

Freedom of Information requests wouldn’t cost near as much if the Town of Normal Clerk wasn’t trying so hard to hide information.

I FOIA’d information pertaining to BOTH Rivian vehicles they purchased, I did not receive everything I FOIA’d.

It appears the second Rivian vehicle has government plates. The first one doesn’t which means the Town has to pay for renewal every year. Government plates don’t expire and don’t need new stickers every year.

The FOIA was for who drove both Rivians for the past 6 months. I received 4 1/2 months. Chris Koos isn’t mentioned at all as driving the pickup even though it has been seen parked at his bike shop.

Stay tuned, I could add more but for now won’t.

5 thoughts on “Normal: FOIA Requests

  1. Koos probably didn’t put government plates on his tax payer truck because we would know it was HIM – driving around from his job at the University over to his bike shop business and all around (wherever he needs to go)
    FREE to him, while he pushes all of the costs on to us lowly tax payers!

    Don’t forget his infamous “Protestor Sale” at his bike shop on Linden Street.
    Where he posed under his “Protestor Sale” banner with his arms crossed to let us all know he means business!
    (He was so serious about his statement – he actually had a banner made!)

    The issue with his antics =
    Koos kept HIS small business open while telling other small business owners they must close their doors.
    And if the other business owners in town did not close their businesses –
    Koos sent the police to enforce his orders.
    Look into Maggie Mileys and the other small businesses that Koos sent the police to to harass the owners, staff and customers.

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